A good book to prepare you for horse care?

Are you familiar with B? Ago? On the horses mmern k? I think I can take my first horse in a few months. I never poss? D? lou my own horse? only. I am f? RB? Ago with a lot of good information and Ratschl? Ge! If you pla? Does note, I do not believe m? You have the horse mmern k basis? Me explain? Ren. I know of? J?, Basic horse care. I am more int? Ress? a book, help me? include care of horses such advanced arthritis and aging etc..


  1. Gypsy says:

    The Idiot’s Guide to Horses. Great book.

    Check with your local Borders and Barnes & Noble – they have some decent books there. I would also suggest your local tack shop – they might have some, or know where to get them.

  2. Paint Pony says:
  3. Janice L says:

    There are some great books out there –
    I’d take a look at the USPC books, especially the advanced books.

    The Senior Horse
    BHS Stable Management
    BHS Veterinary Book
    All Horse Systems Go

  4. horse cutie says:

    KISS for horses great book lots of info

  5. Fancys_Mamma says:

    why not search it on the web and get dvd they are much better thats what i did

  6. NONAME says:

    I personally LOVEd the book “The EVERYTHING Horse Book”. I found a lot of useful info.

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