Any good books, about how to take care of an older horse?

I have a 25-J? UNACOMPANNIED mare minor, and I m? They chte him better than I can. I still drive it and things like? A. But if someone, no new good B? Dear f? R? ? G? Es Horse Care I w love? Rde really, if you tell me k? Nnte! Thank you very much time!


  1. Easy Rider says:

    Im not sure on the best books but I have a older gelding that we still ride. I feed him a senior feed with a lil corn and alfalfa pellets. All the hay he can eat and I have him checked out by the Vet 3 times a year just to make sure he isn’t having any problems I can not see.

  2. Bobbi says:

    Today, the Internet is ahead of published books when it come to the information that you are seeking. There are several things that an owner can do to eliminate in the aches and pains that older horses experience…just because they are 20+, doesn’t mean they are not useful nor can they be pan free

  3. Kittyluv says:

    Here is a link where you can buy some books on older horses:
    I’ve never read any of them, so I don’t if they are good or not.
    For an older horse the most important things are good quality feed, regular vertrinary care (teeth floating, etc) lot’s of gentle exercise if they can handle it, and regular turnout. Good luck with your horse!

  4. Driver says:

    I don’t have any book suggestions either, but I would strongly recommend a formulated senior feed. I started my 26 year old pony on it last fall and it has made a huge difference.

  5. CRStardust says:

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