About how much does it cost to buy a horse, care for it, find it a shelter, ect?

I thought? ? SAVE for my own horse. I know this is a goal? Long term, it will not be easy. But can someone give me a big? Estimate, how much? Co? Te w? Rde to buy a horse, f? R how many companies do, to keep it there, fresh m? Dicaux, fresh,? Ons, etc? Please give t and thank you.


  1. usmcgrunt says:

    it all depends on the horse and its medical history. a horse is like a car imo. you buy the horse, you care for it, feed it, give it a home, ride it yada yada. so yea its very expensive.

  2. Andi says:

    The horse market is down, so you are in luck… I think you can find a deceint riding horse for under 1,000. The actual horse is the least of your costs. Depending on your location and the quality of the stable, to keep a horse is about 300 a month min.
    Horse = money pit.

    I suggest you lease a horse, to learn and ride with (because you will out grow the calm lesson horses and want one a little more your personality)… if you come across a horse that yuo like, more times than not, the owner will sell to you. But seriously, lease and learn before you buy.
    Also with leaseing you can stop at any time (if you run out of $$)

  3. Swiftbaby says:

    My horse with the tack cost $1400 and I board at a stable that costs $250 a month (that includes feed, hay, turnout). The farrier comes every 6 weeks (my horse doesnt have shoes) and that costs $25. The vet bills vary. You will also need extras, like brushes. Plus, riding boots can get pretty pricey. I just bought a $120 pair of cowboy boots and that’s just about as cheap as you can get for those. Good luck!

  4. blondewithheart says:

    There is tons of good advice so far. Here’s some more info- I’ve paid as little as $300 per month including hay/grain, and as much as $450 for a teeny stall not including feed, it always depeneds on the area and quality of the barn, so if you’re not experienced have someone come with you to check out Boarding barns in your area, inspect the quality of the feed & stall, and the services they offer. Price varies with ferriers (for the shoes) & vets by area too so you’ll need to call and price. Here is what I paid, and I got together with other boarders so the vet & ferrier only had to make one trip and we got a small discount:

    Vet Checks twice a year: $120×2 per year
    Vet emergencies: $300 a year
    Ferrier every 6 weeks: $60
    Food & Board: $350 per/m
    Misc Supplies: $50-$60 per/month (fly/,mesquito repellent, de-wormer, replacement of brushes, shoe picks that wear out etc)
    Supplements (optional but reccomended) $20-$30 per/month

    Some one-time or every few years expenses:
    Blanket (or sheets if your area doesn’t get too cold): $120
    Fly Mask: $20
    Replacement of Tack/Worn Leather: $200 per/year

    Hopefully all the tack you’ll need (saddle, bridle etc) will come with your horse. If it doesn’t- it will be one big time bill, even if you buy used. Having a horse IS a money pit, but if it is your one true passion and love, sometimes it’s worth it. I worked day and night to pay for my “habit” and don’t regret a day of spending all my hard earned money. But it is a hobby that takes up 90% of your time so when I started college I sold my baby and her gear for $1200 (low price) to a very excited little girl :o) – As an edit- I do agree you should lease first. That way you get some experience and can have good ‘horse sense’ when you do go out and buy everything.

  5. lyla says:

    a heck of a lot 🙂 its best to call around to see prices in your area (call a few farriers, a few vets, different boarding stables, a few feed suppliers, etc) heres what i pay for stuff. there’s a lot of stuff, so i hope i dont forget anything!

    board: i do pasture board (no stall) and its 200 a month. im really lucky though, average is about 300-500 a month

    feed: 50 lb bag purina strategy is 14 dollars. he gets 6 lb/day. if i did my math right, thats 50 dollars a month in feed. you may have to buy hay depending on where you board, you’ll have to call local farmers for that.

    vet: teeth floating, vaccinations, sheath cleaning, check up – about 600 a year. THIS IS WITHOUT EMERGENCIES. those can run you thousands of dollars. most have at least 500 sitting aside for emergencies. just know you have enough in case something comes up

    farrier: my horse is barefoot. i was paying 45 dollars per trim, but now i pay 25. 25 is very low though, 35 is normal for a trim. shoes will run 55-100 dollars

    tack- you can buy everything used for about 1000. new can run thousands upon thousands.

    grooming supplies-all together (from curry comb to shampoo to brushes etc) it was about 60

    dewormer- about 10 dollars every 6 to 8 weeks.

    lessons- i pay 35 per hour and i have a one hour lesson once a week. i think this is about normal.

    random stuff:
    fly spray 20
    winter blanket:100
    fly mask: 25
    riding boots-100

    first aid kit: about 50

    if you show thats a whole different story. i dont show, so i cant tell you anything other than its really expensive

    the horse itself varies. it depends what discipline (will you be showing? if so in what? will you just be trail riding? how old etc) just look around on horse websites.

  6. frog prince says:

    Before you buy the horse I would STRONGLY suggest you take lessons for several years and learn all you can about them. Horses aren’t just a pet like a dog or cat. They need a lot of extra and special needs. And you absolutely positively need to know how to look for signs of health problems like colic. Lots of people who just get a horse and don’t know what they are doing at all at first end up screwing up the horse for life. It’s the sad reality and truth. I hope you’ll take my advice! Patience is a virtue and it will end up a lot better for you and the horse if you wait and learn.

  7. CF_ says:

    this is a link called The costs of owning a Horse..

    its always cheaper if you own your own acreage..


  8. Alyssa says:

    i dont have a horse but my friend whos getting 1 said that it should be around 10,000-20,000 a year inccluding vet and buying a horse but it also depends on the stable u board it at and the coast of the horse its self also if it gets sicks its more hope i helped

  9. ~a horseless cowgirl~ says:

    You should get horse riding lessons first, because you will learn all this yourself and learn how to care for it and ride it beforehand, which is always best. Riding lessons typically cost between $25 and $45 for beginners, for between half an hour and an hour. Boarding barns cost between $250 and $600 a month, depending on the facilites and what is included (feed, mucking poo).

  10. meege1095 says:

    It will be different for everyone. Different boarding fees, some horses need more attention from vets, farriers etc.

    My advise to you is what i am doing. Research different boarding places and the prices of boarding. Find the local farrier/vet and ask how much the different thing would cost (vet:ask about everything from a cut treatment to different operations, just in case). Try buy a horse that includes its tack. Also some riding schools that board lets people who board their horses there have free lessons.

    Research everything and anything that will have something to do with horse ownership and you will then have to add things up and then you will have an estimate.

    good luck.

  11. Cory J says:

    anywhere from $120- $600 a month
    yearly: $1440-$7200
    ^it depends on where you are and how much you would like the stable to care for your horse…

    Hay (20 lb./day x 365 days = 7300 lb. or 3.65 tons x $120 per ton = $438.00
    Grain (4 lb./day x 365 days = 1460 # x .20/lb.) = 292.00

    Bedding (1 bag/wk. X $5/bag) = $260.00

    Immunizations = $60.00
    Deworming 6 times per year x $10 = $60.00
    Dental and Misc. Vet Maintenance = $100.00
    Farm call charges = $75.00

    Shoeing 6 times at $80 = $480.00
    Trimming 3 times at $25 = $75.00

    you should have a spare $5000 just in case anything were to happen to your horse…

    TOTAL $3280-9040 a year (not including emergency fund +$5000)

    The Following Are All Supplies You Will Need:

    Saddle $200
    Bridle $40
    Halter $15
    Lead Rope $10
    Leg wraps–mainly for First Aid purposes. $10
    Grooming tote $10
    First aid kit $40
    Blankets $60
    Shampoo/conditioner $20
    Girth/cinch $20
    Head Bumper $10
    Helmet $50
    Towels/Rags $5
    Reins $15
    Flashlight–have one handy before you need one $5
    Mane/Tail Detangler $20
    Saddle Rack $20
    Crop $10
    Lunge line $10
    Lunge whip $10
    Hoof oil $10
    Thermometer (for the horse of course) $5
    Wet wipes $5
    Paper towels $2
    Brushes: $30
    -Hoof Pick/ Brush
    -Sweat Scraper
    -Shedding Blade
    -These Come in Handy: http://www.horsetackinternational.com/multi-purpose-hoof-knife.html
    -Clipper and accessories $40
    -Sponges $2
    -Detangler $10
    -Soft Face Towels (can be used for the eye boogers 🙂 ) $2

    Water Bucket $5
    Emergency Contact List
    Cribbing Halter (if needed) $10
    Duct Tape! $5
    Extra Halter $15
    Extra Lead Rope $10
    Extra Saddle Pad $20
    Extra Bridle $40
    ^^ they break 🙂

    TOTAL: $800.00 (ish)

    Just be ready for other little or big things you’ll need along the way. If you are planning on showing you will need to add those items to the list as well (clothes, more grooming supplies, show saddle, bridle, halter, trailer, etc.).

    **You can get a first aid kit here:


    or here:


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