2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games Promo Video

Experience the excitement of the World Equestrian Games coming to Lexington, KY in 2010.


  1. brbuck159 says:

    just went yesterday…was awesome! can’t wait to go on saturday for the xc day!

  2. PonyLover1963 says:

    I really want to go, but we went to Rolex this Spring, so my parents said maybe next time. It looks so fun! If anyone wants to watch it on T.V., it’s on NBC on Sunday from 9:00 – 10:00. This is an awesome video!

  3. jcsbyrd36 says:

    It’s here! I’m so excited! I get to see vaulting and dressage driving!

  4. xhackxsawx says:

    I’m going to see the finals of the jumping event. I’m so ridiculously excited.

  5. ArabianMustang says:

    i wanna go so bad but i have school does anyone know if it’ll be on tv?

  6. HorseDreamer262 says:

    Amazing video! Thanks for uploading! Just 2 more days until WEG!!! I can’t wait!

  7. BenDover03271996 says:

    i live in madison county and all of the schools in madison county are going cus some rich person gave our county like a 1 million dollars. where going to the one where they jump over the rail

  8. 0802ash says:

    I live 10 min. from Ky Horse Park, and have yet to go to WEG. and now I am finally going..

  9. ShineOnSparkle says:

    Im super excited!!!

  10. ShineOnSparkle says:

    Im super excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. taylorlader97 says:

    i cantt wait im seeing cross country

  12. Everlightclan says:

    AMAZING!!! What a spectacular event to be a part of — you can feel the Kentucky pride when you are watching this video. Wish we could be there to witness this exciting event! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  13. Lizzie200292 says:

    WEG lovers in the UK, it will be on BBC red button 😀

  14. legsandlucky says:

    I have my ticket already! I’m going to endurance, dressage, reining and the grand prix! I cant wait! My moms volunteering! I really want to see Beezie Madden!

  15. HorseDreamer262 says:

    I can’t wait for the 2010 WEG!! I hope I can go!

  16. stormtropper44 says:

    @horseluverforeverr Nbc is covering most of it

  17. DreamToJump says:

    this is AMAZING

  18. horseluverforeverr says:

    Awesome! I wish I could go. Is it coming on tv? and what channel?

  19. 1324celewis says:

    Want to see the true Power,grace,partenership of the horse? Whatch This video of the 2010 Alltec FEI World Equestrian Games!!!

    Just type in 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games Promo ♥♥♥!PLEASE WATCH!♥♥♥ my daughter ( CodyMyPaintHorse ) is even having a contest to help me get the most views!

  20. DelaynaNicole says:

    i cnt wait for it. But i will only be able to watch it on tv,ugh. i would love to go

  21. 1324celewis says:

    Please go watch my video!

  22. lalalataylor13 says:

    🙂 one more day till their a month away! ahh im super excited 😀 I’ll be attending the eventing and show jumping compititions. Super excited, it’ll definitely be a blast!

  23. hmbvaulters says:

    Can’t wait until the games start. I’m an individual on Team USA for Vaulting, so I hope to see you all cheering us on in October!!!

    Thanks for all the supportive comments, we all really appreciate it!

  24. jumpersofthemoon says:

    @Horselover92998 you’re so ignorant its sad.

  25. nokidding243 says:

    you guys forgot para dressage..

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