Anyone knows of any good sites on horse care.?

I am concerned about my cousins term m? Male Paint Horse, w? Although he works offshore f? R for some time. I m RIGHTS? To read about horses. What they like to eat, how they swim, how to brush, only things. Thank you. . . And yes my cousin ore RIGHTS? Examples me a few things, but I m? More


  1. Charlie horse ;3 says:

    what I like to read up on it BOOKS! they are great you can take them with you to the barn in case you forgot some thing you read!,but..if you like the internet just google how to care for a horse and see what comes up? thats what i do lol

  2. slidastop says:

    there are TONS of websites on horse care. Just google horse care websites and you will find tons. You may find alot of information on the forum. hope this helps!!

  3. barrel racer says:

    if you want to read about horses then just type in “how to care for a horse” on yahoo.

    but if you want to watch videos on how to do this I would suggest going to and watching their video selection

    here’s the link:

    dont forget to click on the grooming and nutrtion links too!

    have fun!

  4. ROLANDO R says: this is a good site for info on horses

  5. Kate H says: is supposed to be a really good site. its has tack and health supplies for your everyday needs.

  6. Mouse M says:

    no but try books from a libary or just type in on the iternet horse care or pony care you will surely find something goodluck

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