4 Best Equestrian Art School of Europe 251107

Equestrian show of Royal Andalusia School of Equestrian Art (Andalusian-Spanish Horse), The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art (Lusitano), The Cadre Noir de Saumur (French Saddle Horse) and Spanish Riding School of Vienna (Lipizzaner) in Paris, 2007


  1. Marixxen2 says:

    i reallt like this stuff! BUT i dont like theway the horses seems scared, afraid, nervous etc… i don’t like the way they tie them up either…

  2. leeshdiddy22 says:

    I’m lucky enough to work with a Lipizzaner stallion, and I can honestly say that I see him doing ALL of these movements, just in his paddock. Truly amazing animals.

    Also – to all you people who think they don’t praise their animals – you can clearly see the handlers pat them.

  3. qaouali09 says:

    Je n’aime PAS ce que font les espagnols .
    Soumettre et répèter, répèter.
    Aucun plaisir pour les chevaux. Le piaffer dure un temps fou, le gros type n’est pas lui même en cadence !!!

    Les chevaux peuvent aimer faire du “dressage”, pas là !

    I say what I think, sorry for that !
    Thanks for posting anuway, very instructive video. 🙂

  4. Lille54321 says:

    i don’T think that this horse does ist on his own – look at his (stallion’s) ears (5:36 you can see it pretty good) and he knows that the man with the whip is behind him, so he can’t do somthing else.
    so i don’t think that the horse is doing it on his own.
    and naturaly not at all

  5. RoanArt says:

    No, they don’t. The horses at the SRS are not trained in the airs until they are 12-14 years of age. The time before that is spent building strength and muscle. They often perform well into their 20s.

  6. lassiesuca says:

    hmm, I really enjoy classical riding and training of the horse, but I do agree to an extent the fact that it isn’t natural- but then what is for a horse today? I would love to train my horses classically when I’m older but keep them as natural as possible. I do think this is much better than the keeping of Grand Prix dressage horses and showjumpers, but that is my take on it.

  7. gollum935 says:

    i don’t think this is beautiful at all – i have never seen a horse piaffe for minutes at a time on his own in a field like horse at 5.18 so i don’t understand why people can call this natural. only natural thing a human can do with a horse is eat it.

  8. markc1234golf says:

    @ mel0808johnson :the movement where the horse jumps up and kicks at the back is called a capriole. ;o)

  9. creamcheeseismythang says:

    its all natural. they are just trained to do what they do naturally on command.

  10. xHelenPx says:

    all movement performed at the SRS are based on natural movements of the horse. They are not damaging or distressing.

  11. dizzybrowngirl says:

    partly the breed

  12. wrekincollegeL6 says:

    yes it’s beautiful, but it can’t be any good for their hocks bet they have loads of problem when they are older

  13. SickHorsies says:

    Positively adorable! It may not be good showmanship in those shows but I’d be patting my horse every five seconds for being so adorable and willing! ^_^ At least when I wasn’t concentrating.

  14. mel0808johnson says:

    what is the move called when the horse jumps up then kicks out his rear legs?

  15. NicolleMacdonald says:

    that is ashamee the horse iis not enjoying it at all

  16. fire44raven says:

    i definitely like it with the horse’s tail down better than braided up. braided up makes the horse look really fat when they are actually extremely well fit!

  17. flolamiss31 says:

    d’accord, c’st hyper dur à obtenir, c’est de la heute école, du dressage de haut niveau, mais… ce n’est pas naturel, et entre un cheval qui se cabre sous l’ordre de son dresseur et un cheval qui galope librement, le choix est vite fait

  18. horseisbeauty says:

    Yes, you are talking rubbish (not rubish) My sarcasm clearly sailed right over your head.

  19. PIRISHKA69 says:

    Rubish talk!! Conversa fiada!!

  20. estellechingyi says:

    yw 🙂

  21. horseisbeauty says:

    Yes these horses are horribly abused. With their constant attention, planned nutrition, lights and music, cleaned stalls and fitted tack to a T. They are doted on by riders, trainers and managers like adored athletes (that they are.) If you want to talk abuse, let’s talk about amish horses. Until then, let’s can the dressage is cruel crap. k?

  22. SupernaturallyMine says:

    I completely agree with you and am very sorry about your horse, but there a are proper and improper ways to use side reigns. At our ranch, we leave them looser when we first start training but with just a little contact so the horse learns to stretch to the bit. After awhile, the horse is ready to go into a higher frame and we tighten them just a little but the horse can still move their head if they feel uncomfortable. Thats what I’m used to 🙂

  23. Sisty41 says:

    Side reins are never just reminders, they dont give in, and leave the horse no choice of how to carry the head, the horses head is always forced in a certain position, and im not saying this to annoy you, i have the best example for that at home, my horse sunny was trained like that and now he’s got arthritis in his neck, you’ll understand that im a little concerned about side reins and all these other ‘nice’ things that are used on horses, since i pay the price for others messing my horse up!!

  24. TwistedTemptress says:

    while I agree with riding the horse from the quarters, and that the head should be carried naturally, I didnt say anything in fact that would contradict that. I was merely stating that these reins were tight enuff to maintain contact. also, still in agreeance with you, in this video there is no seat and no legs being used to maintain frame, its all in the horses self carriage with the side reins being used as reminders.

  25. Sisty41 says:

    Sorry, but i see that differently ; you ride a horse from the back to the front and let it place its head, you do that with a proper and subtle seat, not with forcing a horse with some side reins into position, that has absolutely nothing to do with a collected frame!!! I ride my horse in a natural collected frame with the head on the vertical not below it, how do i achieve this??? With a good seat and soft hands if u would look closely u would see the the neck is not the highest point HERE!!!

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