Are the olympic equestrian events televised? Also does Wales compete in the olympics?

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  1. Mz Noa Aotearoa Roks says:

    I suppose it depends what country you are from…they are televising the equestrian here in NZ because we have a strong team and we do well in this event..but I’m not sure of other countries….GO MARK TODD…GO KIWIS..LOL

  2. earthgirllmk87 says:

    Most of the equestrian events are on television. You can find a schedule at You can also watch some of the equestrian events online at As far as Wales goes, I believe they compete with Great Britian. I think the dressage competition is on today.

  3. Defying_Gravity says:

    They will be televised on NBC’s Oxygen channel.

  4. splendid a says:
  5. LuciJayne says:

    Wales, Scotland and england all compete as Great britain (GB). This means that Wales does not compete as their own country although they do compete as Wales in the Commonwealth games – similar to the olympics.

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