Are Republicans just beating a dead horse on Health care? With their disastrous loss, is moving on a problem?

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  1. eazyeee888 says:

    Tell that to the supreme court and the 40 or so states that will take this there lol

    And most Americans have wanted to move onto jobs for over a year now, too bad most companies will start streamlining as a result of the bill which wont help the cause.

  2. Mike says:

    I would not get overconfident if I were you.

    The Republicans will use the Obama so called health care plan as the means to win a number of seats in the House and in the Senate this fall ion the November elections.

    The Obama so called health care plan essentially has prevented the health care plan that was developed by Hillary Clinton from being adopted.

    The health care plan that was developed by Hillary Clinton is vastly superior to the plan developed by Obama and his functionaries.

    Remember Scott Brown the Republican beat the Radicale Extreme Leftist Democratic Candidate for Ted Kennedy’s old Senate Seat in Massachusetts.

    Democratic Registration in Massachusetts outnumbers Republican Registration by more than 3 to 1 in Massachusetts.

    There will be large Democratic losses in the elections this fall.

  3. Pedrobear says:

    It’s the Republicans were talking about. They’re a party that exists on the basis of not moving on

  4. Gleekonu says:

    Politics aren’t a sporting event for idiots to get liquored up at and Rah!Rah!Rah! their team.

    Grow up. Stop being a divisive halfwit.

  5. Tropical Plant ~ Arecaceae says:

    They don’t care about America. They only care about preventing Obama from passing anything, because he is black. Racism has never been so obvious in modern society.

  6. Proud Texan says:

    They will continue down the path of self destruction until they lose in November.

  7. Dr.T says:

    It will be found unconstitutional. Any bill that requires you to pay money to practice a religion not approved by the government will die quickly.

  8. The emperor has no clothes says:



  9. Ladyhawke says:

    Republicans don’t want to move on, because the ‘dead horse’ was supposed to be President Obama, and he’s still alive and kicking.

  10. Paladin says:

    I don’t consider 219 to 212 a disasterous loss

  11. JD7 says:

    Losing by 3 votes is not a disastrous loss


  12. Igor T. Unspeakable says:

    Yes, they are beating a dead horse.

    I am wondering how many of the one opposing the mandate also oppose the free ride of the lazy bums. Now more americans will be forced to pay their share.

  13. gruss gott says:

    Republican are getting an awful lot of support from non republicans. Why, if the horse is dead?

  14. Beermrbeer says:

    Can you say 1 term? Bye bye Dems. Let in the Patriots!

  15. lucy lou says:

    Why are you blaming republicans for not focusing on jobs? they ARE NOT in control of congress–Democrats are. Your president and congress decided to focus on healthcare–AND NOT jobs recently.

  16. bob says:

    Looks to me that they are trying to turn their loss into a disaster by trying to reinforce the public opinion that they are indeed “the party of no” Too bad, I used to enjoy arguing with my Republican friends, but none of them are Republicans any more and I don’t like to argue with what is left of the party because it is just a waste of time to argue with fools.

  17. big_scott_larock says:

    Today, the Attorneys General from 13 states filed a lawsuit in federal court asserting that the health care law is unconstitutional.
    After this goes to the Supreme Court, I imagine that I’ll be asking the question,”Are the Democrats just beating a dead horse on Health care?”

  18. grantadvocacy says:

    hey, obamabot, are you above the poverty line who can’t afford health insurance? now you are FORCED to pay for premiums that may be 200 a month after your subsidies kick in. and you are happy that it’s not going to tack on the already debt ridden lifestyle of yours? hey, I have a solution, just pay the $600 fine. i’m sure most of you obamabots will opt out of obamacare and be happy to be obama-fined $600! and you will gladly pay it because your lord and savior obama told you so.

  19. cattledog says:

    I do think the GOP does have a problem: they spent a entire year trying to beat a bill that was just passed…. and they made this fight without working on any major legilation during that entire year. That is a problem and it is especially a problem when they looked like they were winning up until 3 days ago. Perception is important…. and while I don’t mean to sound harsh they look like losers when they got absolutely nothing out of a huge piece of legislation. That is a big problem.

    It may not be a problem for their base or for the angry at the government types…. but it will be a problem with real independents (the ones not in the Tea Party, the Tea partiers were going to always vote Republican and always have) and moderates. The GOP will be running on nothing accomplished but on “I voted against the HCB”.

    I expect the GOP to win some seats and many Democrats will be leaving in November but I don’t think that it will be as sweeping as they are thinking.

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