Best Horse Riding Gear to Wear

The best horse riding gear to wear should include comfortable riding pants, paddock boots, half chaps, riding gloves and a well-fitting helmet. Stay safe, and prevent rubs and sores when riding a horse by using advice from an equestrian team head coach in this video on horse riding supplies.


  1. ivoquinonez says:

    guess my chucks arent good gear lol where to get the boots/chaps?

  2. freyahorsemad says:

    thanks, nice vidio

  3. FishFairy32 says:

    Great! Chaps look more comfortable to rise in. 😀 x

  4. ponymad5000 says:

    @OblivionSs4 lols

  5. OblivionSs4 says:


    now i feel like an idiot with so many questions…

  6. horsejumper343 says:

    Thanks for the advice

  7. JudyGlam says:

    nice video! thanks for posting

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