Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games WEG Opening Ceremony 2010

Highlights from the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games ~ 2010 ~ Lexington, KY, USA.


  1. PeacekidEmi says:

    9:47 i was also in this stuff. i had a brown shirt on. and at the end when the irish tenner was there, i was on the side. yea. lol. hope you enjoyed!!

  2. PeacekidEmi says:

    i was in this stuff at 3:53 i might not be there, but i was in the opening ceremony. i carried the flag for Venezuela and India. check out my channel for a backstage video, its just stuff we did to ocupy ourselves.

  3. tymerisontheinternet says:

    I love how PO’d some of those drill team horses are…Great vid.

  4. Chernabog28 says:

    Thanks for the positive comments and all the views. If you like, please share it with others!

  5. vanpela says:

    at 1:00ish that’s me and my drill team!!! with the american flags!!

  6. BarnSour4Prince says:

    Great job!! Thanks for sharing! If you’re into eventing, I’ll be posting some of it soon =)

  7. theroyallusitano says:

    Great video clip!!
    Thank you from Mario Contrerana and Xiomaro BR!!
    Lexington Ballet star Brittany Butler was the dancer!

  8. taomatz says:

    Nice camera work and editing.

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