Any information on becoming an equestrian vet?

Hey, if k nnte someone? Me no information? About her? Which is a v t? Veterinarian? Equestrian, w? There re more than welcome thank you! xim just my GCSEs and have a horse? me!


  1. Nikki says:

    To become an equine vet you need to have really good grades and a really good grade point average. One thing is that you might want to go and job shadow a vet. So then you could see if you really want to do it. You would also want to see what college that you want to go to do all this in. When you figure that out see what they want you to have to be able to go to their school. experience

  2. Jillian86 says:

    Before you can apply at vet school you need to get your bachelor’s degree in a related science field, such as biology. Before you can do that you need to have excellent high school grades and references. In college you should have at least a 3.7 and before you graduate accumulated hundreds of hours worth of work study in the vet field to even be taken into consideration but a vet school. Good luck!

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