Any good horse care tips out there to save time/money/effort?


  1. Shani says:

    poo pick everyday.
    fill waters right to the top because then you only have to clear flies out of it and then fill it every couple of days or when it is empty.
    clear wet out only, and then do a full clean out every couple of months.

  2. sazzy says:

    Keep on top of everything, do a little bit every day then you won’t have to do loads in one go and check your tack/equipment each time you ride to find damage before it gets more expensive to fix.

  3. cowgirls dont cry! says:

    go to this website it has tons of tips and things to help save money and time!

  4. Danie C says:

    Baby oil is great for a shiny coat and also to help brush out the tail instead of using conditioner.

    Homemade horse treats are cheaper and often healthier for your horse (because you know what’s in them)

    If you have access to Mane N’ Tail Hoofmaker, it is used to go on your horses hooves to make them stronger. But now it comes in a lotion for people and is great for your skin too!

    Just some fun tips off the top of my head…

  5. Tressa "Snob" says:

    This tip goes for your horse, your barn,anything !
    It is better to fix a problem as soon as it comes up rather to wait! Expecially when it comes to a horses health!

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