2008 Olympics Show Jumping

2008 Olympic equestrian


  1. TheHolandiagirl says:

    tall those jumps is 140cm meybe 145cm.;)

  2. sparklejeweldiamond says:

    that is just amazing! i hav my own horse, but i could never do that!

  3. whiskerstea says:

    I dunno… I’d be terrified to cart my horse to China… they freakin eat everything. O_o Put the horse to stable for the night, come back; all that’s left in the stall is bones. Well, those might be gone too.

  4. madlourock says:

    why has 4 people disliked this??

  5. supersassyemily says:

    CLEAR ROUND YAHHHH!!!!! Lol I think i might stay lower then a standered! LOL horseback is such a sport! But no everybody thinks so!! Let’s prove them wrong by making them do that!!!! They say it’s easy, so they should get a cledar round!

  6. jumpergurl4190 says:

    @jumpergirl13924 – About 5’3″.

  7. gabbiedoglover11 says:

    wow if i was tht person tht would be scary!!!!!!!! cuz there soooo high up

  8. egkas90 says:

    how he can do this??i wanna do the same some day..!!:P:P

  9. egkas90 says:

    wtf…???how he can do this??
    i wanna do the same ome day…!!:P:P

  10. Smiley6095 says:

    What kind of horse is that? Hanoverian some type of warmblood?

  11. emilylovesblondie says:

    wooooo i was thereee: )

  12. korkiekory says:

    @leeshdiddy22 are you kidding? the horse loves this! can’t you see how the rider is having to hold him back before every jump because the horse is so eager? If the horse was unhappy, he would just refuse the jump.

  13. tysonrocksmyworld says:


  14. TicTacJoe134 says:

    @leeshdiddy22 ikr my horse would be dead, on his back.

  15. leeshdiddy22 says:

    Maan, The distances between the jumps are massive. What a marathon for the horse! I feel sorry for the horses that made it to the finals and had to do that course again. Some great skill there, though.

  16. JumperHunterLover says:

    @gulliversslave That would be freaking awesome!

  17. gulliversslave says:

    How cool would it be if the bridge was a jump??? LOL can you tell I’m an eventer?

  18. LoveCabriole says:


  19. GottaLoveHorses1011 says:

    i would kill to have the money & horse for that! amazing!!

  20. 4everlolie says:

    I would be able to do the course if all the jumps were lower. It looks pretty easy

  21. breyergirl606 says:

    @TigerLily8181 tell me about it, my brother is so clueless, he thinks u just sit and kick

  22. Elleloveshorses1 says:

    huge arena

  23. SelmerLibertyOwner says:

    Good grief, that horse jumps like he’s on springs and makes it look effortless! No wonder he’s in the olympics! Well done =]

  24. xMaxnNudgex says:

    WOW! that was flawless! Love it!
    Wish I could jump that high. The horse really looks like its enjoying it and seems to trust the rider alot. Its amazing! I agree TigerLily181, who ever says this isnt a sport has no clue what so ever XD

  25. HorziLuva says:

    Clear round! well done!!!

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