2010 World Equestrian Games Juan Muñoz Diaz and Fuego XII Freestyle

World Equestrian Games 2010 Freestyle of Juan Muñoz Diaz and Fuego XII of Spain score of 81.450 for 5th Place Ground Jury was Pos. 1. E: Mrs. Mary SEEFRIED 2. H: Mr. Ghislain FOUARGE 3. C: Mrs. Linda ZANG 4. M: Dr. Evi EISENHARDT 5. B: Mrs. Maribel ALONSO


  1. claudiaa1108 says:

    They made me be proud of being Spanish!

  2. basketcase119 says:

    Juan Munoz is cleverly, descreetly realesing to his horse, you will not see this in every rider in the olympics – many think its a waste of time. Its Not. His horse’s body, conformation and muscle tone is terrific! He deserved more points than what he got, but sadly you cant change anything now, whats done is done. Personally one of my favourites of this test was when he patted his horse at the end. This showed true passion and greatfulness for the horses commitment. we could learn alot from him

  3. basketcase119 says:

    @Animalholisticheale1 , i agree with you, i understand what you mean and although i ride with a bit, i am happiest riding in a halter or bitless bridle. (i only ride in a bit because i have to train for shows and even then , its a myler bit – vvery kind.) and i am all for natural horseman ship. However, i strongly disagree with you about the pain in the horses mouth. Juan Munoz is a patient, passionte but more importantly, a very kind rider. Pressure is the dicipline and release is the reward.

  4. 1999Cameron4me says:

    he should have done so much better. i wish everyone wasn’t kissing edward gal’s bum so much…..

  5. Animalholisticheale1 says:

    I cant belive the comments for this rider!! are you not looking at the horse? the poor thing is in pain, look at his mouth. Slow the video if you cant see it in full play.

  6. Animalholisticheale1 says:

    OUCH!!!!!! that poor horses mouth!! why do we still allow this horrific use of bits etc!

  7. clmcoles says:

    fantastico bien hecho en hora buena a espana espero que ahora con esto la gente quieren comprar mas un buen caballo pre well done spaian fantastic

  8. DressageGurl613 says:

    He made spain proud!

  9. fromdreamtodream says:

    @mondydsp yeah, the horse looks comfortable and more natural, and enjoys itself more that way, plus it doesn’t look forced

  10. arablover123 says:

    I love how the horse burst off at the end, he seems to be just soaking in the love 😀

  11. FireWhisp says:

    @mondydsp Agreed 🙂

  12. sarahkatehanlon says:

    That’s true horsemanship right there. Absolutely beautiful, this is how a dressage test is supposed to be ridden. Although the piaffe was not as lovely as some of the other big warmbloods there, everything else just makes up for it. It’s a shame that they came 5th. (P.S, love the floppy ears in the walk, so adorable. Brings back memories of Matine!).

  13. Yardchildgirl says:

    This horse and rider combo were simply extraordinary to watch. Fabulous horse, brought up by a fabulous rider who has allowed him to maintain his spirit and pride. The relationship between the two is obvious, and touching. They’re a good match – both such show offs! : ) It was incredible just to be in their presence. Brings back memories of Andreas and Matine (though I actually like Juan’s riding even better!) Of all the riders of the night, I found Juan to be the most inspiring.

  14. ChamberlainDressage says:

    Extraordinary… I was there, too….. and it was a passionate, fun loving, fabulous ride that deserved a medal. Only ovation and it was a LONG one… engaged the crowd and was by far the most emotional ride of the evening.

  15. crosscountryjumper says:

    I was here for this and being a dressage novice I can tell you that this performance was the only one that gave me goodbumbs! Absolutly breathtaking….he was robed of a medal.

  16. ShameAndBlame says:

    oh man, I love these spanish horses, and I love how he’s showing off, single changes with one hand . . . love

  17. videogames909 says:

    Its amazing how goood of a rider u need to be to get a horse to do that. the training….

  18. lsarabians says:

    as has been said over & over again about this ride … this is what dressage is supposed to look like. Inspiring beyonds words.


    Watch you back Edvard Gal – this horse has better tempi-changes , the nose grazing trot and the extensions . The paiffe is travelling a bit but the canter pirouettes have more rhythm than Totilas’ . Easy to see why the Americans preferred this to all the other performances and booed the score !! Hot blooded Iberian horses – I love ’em !!!


    Just another thing – one person suggested giving the horse to Edvard Gal to train – that’s unfair – the Iberian horses are much more sensitive to train than a warmblood – just because Gal has trained Totilas to this level does not mean he could achieve it with a hot blood – whole different ball game Tenter07 !!!!

  21. yvonnebleu says:

    @moonlitmare I’m not “hating on them”, but he/she clearly does not know the definition of piaffe and spanish walk, and maybe you don’t either. Piaffe is trot on the spot, spanish walk is developed in walk with the horse making exagerated movement with the forehand. If you know basic dressage, you know that trot is 2 beat and walk 4. Maybe he/she wanted to say that his passage resembled spanish trot, which can be argued about, but technically is possible…

  22. moonlitmare says:

    @yvonnebleu I don’t know about yours.. but my teacher would be very disappointed in me hating on people making assumptions about their qualifications. Although Crazyshetland may have defined what they saw incorrectly, I’m sorry you can not see it.

  23. hengstlein says:

    Einfach unglaublich toll!!! Die beiden strahlen beim Reiten so eine Freude und Leichtigkeit aus daß es einfach nur Spaß macht zuzuschauen. Kein Vergleich zu der verbissenen ‘Reiterei aller anderen. ‘Er hätte auf jeden Fall mindestens Bronze kriegen müssen!!!!!!

  24. Tamariskish says:

    I loved this horse and this performance; it was the most entertaining in a night of great performances. Not technically perfect, but wonderful nonetheless. Viva la PRE! Thanks for posting.

  25. vixitrixalina says:

    this horse was just showing off to the croud! hehe those tempi changes, he’s flying bouncing into the air! not to mention the one-handedness (if thats a word lol) even the passage at the end, the horse wasn’t even tired! or if he was he was enjoy showing off so much that he didn’t act it haha! wonderful x

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