2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games-Jumping

This video was made to help understand the intricacies of Jumping. For all your news regarding Jumping please visit www.alltechfeigames.com/competition


  1. SHOJMPR42 says:

    all of them more than 75% TB blood

  2. Kevindl1985 says:

    @ALYnAPACHE NBC will show some coverage on the weekends and if you get Universal Sports they will also be showing coverage.

  3. 1324celewis says:

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  4. 1324celewis says:

    Please Watch my World Equestrian Games Promo video! PLEASE!

  5. ianwuz123 says:


  6. ALYnAPACHE says:

    Do u know where and when i can watch the WEG on tv?

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