2010 World Equestrian Games – Reining – Shawn Flarida (USA) 9-26-10

The world Equestrian Games in Lexington Kentucky. Reining 9-26-10. From the USA, Shawn Flarida! Score : J1-75.0 J2-76.5 J3-74.5 J4-76.0 J5-76.0


  1. bonnie448 says:

    WOW, I finally got fast speed internet and can enjoy these games, this performance in the super good go round I would expect from the USA. Great job Shawn! and of course the horse!

  2. snapperpappers says:

    that horse is gorgeous! Way to go everyone on team USA; from the riders to the people that groomed that spectacular animal!

  3. sharkapillar says:

    amazing. Shawn is my hero <3

  4. becca197234 says:

    Shawn IS a great guy!

  5. GrassFairy130 says:

    @HRqrtrhrslvr Amen(:

  6. GrassFairy130 says:

    Aw i know him! Not kidding. My grandpa owned some reiners and Shawn rode them in shows and stuff. He is awesome and he has tought me so much stuff since i was tiny. Now I go to our state fair reining and do great because he helped me. He will always be in my heart and my hero(:

  7. tobungasgirl says:

    theirs my usa team! 🙂 YEA!

  8. IndependantW says:

    Wow, what a class act! I love the way he just piches the reins to his horse. That’s a champion! Compare him to Anky the Cranky – she has a death hold on the hroses mouth and looks like she’s trying our for Wicked Witch of the West.

  9. Lolosqh says:

    He is THE boss!

  10. latorturadeella says:

    I FUCKING LOVE THIS GUY!!! Watching him makes me scream U….S….AAAAAA!!!! Im soo honored to have gotten to not only meet him but be allowed to work on his horse as a equine chiropractor assistant.

  11. equinegurl says:


  12. HRqrtrhrslvr says:

    Shawn Flarida – one thing that is good about Springfield, Ohio!!!!!
    YOUR ROCK, SHAWN!!!!!!!

  13. Bokateknls says:

    what a pair! Awesome horse awesome trainer! This was just plain art work.

  14. callmehchippy says:

    Incredible talent. It’s amazing how responsive that horse is.

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