2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games Eventing Cross Country Phase


  1. hhexuuuu says:

    nice video, can I use these clips in my horse video ? (:

  2. abiiloveshorseys27 says:

    great vid! can i use some of the clips? you would be credited xx

  3. kaulitzLL says:

    that black horse in the beginning is stunning! he jumps like a gooood !!!

  4. lalalataylor13 says:

    I was sitting at those bleechers at the water jump at 0.44 for the first several riders 🙂 the whole course was amazing!

  5. appyeventer8 says:

    May I please use this footage?
    I will alert you when I upload the video, and will give credit to your clips via subtitles thru-out the video!!

  6. JumpingJewels14 says:

    hehe at 0:44 he was like, whoa ~ water!
    great video! you’re so lucky to have been there

  7. westernjumper1 says:

    i mostly stayed at the jump around 59 seconds, it was the best experience ever! great footage!!:)

  8. TruLadyRed says:

    Great video! I was at the same jump all day, so this was awesome to see.

  9. rhondasmy08 says:

    Great footage…lucky you to have been there:)

  10. PkBelle says:

    thanks for posting! great vid!

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