Any good horse care/ownership books?

just want to know if your favorite horse care book. So much stuff? buy your first horse!


  1. Rachel says:

    I love all of Cherry Hill’s books. She’s an amazing author and explains everything very clearly in her books.

    I am actually in the middle of purchasing my first horse. She probably will end up being more of a project and then I’ll be selling her for a profit. I’m learning how to train horses right now and she’s perfect for a first horse project. And now is the time to buy since it’s winter. Here in NC the horse market is dead.

    Hope you find a great horse for yourself!

    Merry Christmas!!

  2. iluvdutchess80 says:

    The best horse book i read that made it very clearly to me how to own a horse is down below in this site. it tells you when to call the vet. what maybe wrong with your horses if they are sick. it shows differnt kinds of feeds,tools, trailers,saddles, bits, and ect. i like it and wish one day to own it. its a little spendy but i gurentee you will like it and use it alot. oh yeah alot of people are getting rid of their horses now because of the economy so horses may be cheap or expensive. a tip is when your shoping for a horse or visiting it. dont tell the person the excat time you will be there or they will drug the horse up. be very careful it happend to my friend. she bought too horses and they were druged up and she didnt know. and when she got home the drugs wore off and they were loco horses. they were very wild and she had to get rid of them. so be very careful.

    Good luck

    hope it works for you like it did for me! 😀

  3. SteeplechaseJumperDressageGirl says:

    anything writen buy George Morris. every rider/owner anyone shoudl read!

  4. B.M. says:

    I don’t have one favorite since I have read so many I just pick and choose what to believe out of each instead of just believing everything one of them says. A good book to start with is definitely:
    The Complete Horse Riding Manual by William Micklem.
    Then the book:
    There are No Problem Horses Only Problem Riders by Mary Twelveponies is a good second book.
    Breaking Bad Habits in Horse by Jo Bird.

    Those are my favorite. Good Luck!

    ADD: I agree with the poster above me about the George Morris books but I’d say it’s safe to get his book:
    The American Jumping Style

    but hold off on the Hunter Seat Equitation book, as I think it is a little “old school” and has a lot of methods that you won’t agree with after reading the books I suggested.

  5. Kalypso89 says:

    well idk the exact names , but i do like to use the magazines, but magazines are more horse training tips,bonding with your horse, careing for him,gromming, and etc.

    my favorites are-horse illistrated,horse and rider, i also read young rider because im 14, and equss:)

    hope i helped

  6. horsepacker says:

    This book has lot of info


    By Ruth B James, DVM

    ISBN O-9615114-0-0

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