a complete horse health care plan for one year?

I was wondering if anyone help me? cold with a health plan? One year for my horse? he is 7 + years? 1400. He is barefoot and stay. I need controlled? the v t? veterinarian, vaccines, Mar? chal-shoeing, and anything else i can? be required to do so. thank you ya’ll!


  1. confused!! says:

    here we do vaccinations 2x a year, dentist comes 1x a year, farrier every 6-8 weeks and a vet once a year unless an emergency occurs.

  2. midnight_ashes says:

    Well, you’ll need your farrier every 6 weeks, dentist twice a year, vaccines depend on country – I live in the UK and vaccinate annually against flu and every other year against tetanus. As a matter of course, the “back man” checks my horses backs, polls etc. twice a year, and the vet checks them once (and of course any time they are injured/ill). You’ll need to worm in accordance with the rest of your yard in order for it to be most effective – speak to your yard manager about this.

  3. Sam says:

    this is what I do with mine..
    -hoof trim every 6 weeks
    -when the farrier comes out I worm them.(every 6 weeks) switch off between types your vet will have a schedule for your area (don’t use the same one over and over)
    -vet in spring and fall. teeth floating in spring to get ready for the riding weather and grass, also sheath or udder cleaning in warm spring. Your vet can tell you what shots to get for your area.
    -ride and have fun!

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