Alexandra Korelova and Balagur | CHIO Aachen 2009 Grand Prix Kür

Young rider Alexandra Korelova and her stunning Balagur wowed the crowd at CHIO’s 2009 Dressage Competition. The pair from Russia scored a great 72.043 and sixth for their kur and earned the eighth place postition in CHIO’s competition overall. Recieving two perfect tens for their amazing piaffe was the most noticable highlight of their ride. Balagur is the little stallion who could. He started as a circus horse, where it seems his owners were not so concerned about his welfare and condition. He was bought by the mounted police, and stayed in service until the age of ten. He caught the eye of the late Elena Petushkova at a parade, and she decided to buy him and thus beginning his career as a dressage horse. He is nineteen this year.


  1. monesta1988 says:

    mit 19 jahren eine solche ausstrahlung..respekt, der wird richtig fein und korrekt geritten..

  2. AietaienRUS says:

    A great pair!

  3. dielulufrau says:

    @xemily09x because what they are doing is DRESSAGE and not show like all the others…

  4. Caterpii says:

    I’ve heard of him in the Pony Magazine, he’s so gorgeous *-*

  5. mireilleduitsland says:

    I’m a fan from Balagur!!
    Ofcourse he cant compeat with the movements of other tophorses, and therefore cannot win, but I like it that a former policehorse, a “normal horse” can perform so correct at that level!! Like the commentator say’s: Respect!
    They can’t all be Totilasses..

  6. equineenergy says:

    Isn’t it nice to see a relaxed and happy horse! What a great team!

  7. NaiadMiss says:

    I love this horse! One of the few teams that I really like in competitive dressage. I always get so disappointed when they do not place higher in the competitions – apparently relaxation of the horse is not something that matters – all the high-strung horses seem to place higher. Lovely piaffe!!! 😀

  8. fugue83 says:

    This ride is so incredibly inspiring – especially considering that this boy didn’t even start his dressage training until 10 years of age!

  9. xemily09x says:

    This is one of my favourite rides.
    That horse’s movements are so correct!
    Especially the piaffe and extended trot.
    They definitely deserved a higher placing

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