Brandenburg Per Flexxion

Brandenburg Per Flexxion Equilife Per-Flexxion equine joint supplement works quickly and efficiently to help reduce inflammation and promote healing. Per Flexxion is ideal for horses with moderate to severe arthritic changes, and heavy training and show schedules. Powder formula.Each scoop of Perflexxion contains 3,750 mg perna canaliculus (New Zealand greenshell mussel), a natural form of glucosamine, 3,750 mg chondroitin sulfate A, 500 mg d-calcium pantothenate, stabilized rice branfor improved endurance,and linseed mealwhich provides omega-3 fatty acids that act as antioxidants against free radicals. Directions: Administer 2 scoops of Per Flexion daily for first week, 1 scoop daily thereafter. Can be fed with other supplements. 1-1/3 oz scoop enclosed. 2.5 lbs = 30 day supply at 1 scoop level.Size: 2.5 LB

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