14inch 15inch Tex Tan Finals Champ Barrel Saddle 292218

14inch 15inch Tex Tan Finals Champ Barrel Saddle 292218 Tex Tan's new Finals Champ barrel saddle has the great Tex Tan look on the outside_ but features new technology with a Ralide barrel tree on the inside. ~@~@The Ralide barrel tree (QHB) is one piece_ from horn to ground seat_ to cantle _ and is molded from a polyurethane composite for added strength. Ralide trees do not mold_ crack_ or weather like a traditional tree. ~@~@Tex Tan developed this saddle with the popular 7/8 position in-skirt rigging_ giving you a closer contact feel for more precise cues and less bulk under the jockey. ~@~@Finished in Russet color with a hand tooled floral pattern and finished with engraved silver trim (barrel racer motif) and rawhide accents on the horn and cantle. ~@~@A 5inch cantle and roughout design keep you secure in the pocket as you turn and burn. ~@~@SPECIFICATIONS~@Seat Size: 14inch_ 15inch~@Tree: Ralide Barrel Racer with Quarter Horse bars~@Horn: 1 7/8inch cap_ 3 1/4inch high_ Braided Rawhide~@Cantle: 5inch rawhide Cheyenne roll with tooled overlay~@Rigging: 7/8 in-skirt stainless dees~@Finish: Russet with floral tooling and roughout jockey and fenders~@Silver: Engraved silver trim with barrel racer motif~@Stirrups: Aluminum Barrel Racer~@Weight: Approx. 25 lbs.

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