Flintlock Impact Gel Saddle Pad 34inchL x 32inchD 1427

Flintlock Impact Gel Saddle Pad 34inchL x 32inchD 1427 Your saddle pad should do more than just provide a spot for your saddle. Your horse depends on it to reduce friction from the saddle and equalize the pressure points from your equipment. If your saddle pad fails in these tasks_ it means an uncomfortable_ irritable horse and a frustrating ride. ~@~@This Impact Gel Pad ensures your horse the most comfortable ride possible. The layers of gel within the pad reduce the energy transferred from the tree of the saddle to the horse's back. The ultra-light_ high-impact reduction system adds high performance to the base layer by reducing inconsistencies in the fit of your equipment. This unique reduction system fills in the space between the saddle and the horse's spine providing unsurpassed shock absorbing ability and equalizing pressure points. The ultimate result is improved comfort for the horse and more control for the rider. The Woven Impact-Gel pad measures 34inch by 32inch and is made with 100% wool fleece backing for additional comfort. Choose from four stylish designs.

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