14inch to 17inch Abetta All Around Saddle_ Reg or Wide_ 20515

14inch to 17inch Abetta All Around Saddle_ Reg or Wide_ 20515 This popular Abetta All Around is great for a variety of disciplines. ~@~@A 4inch cantle provides enough security and support to allow you to ride with confidence while the Acu-Suede seat adds a little extra sticking power. Acu-Suede is designed to retain the look and feel of suede indefinitely. ~@~@The full_ square skirt adds to the traditional western look while the engraved silver trim adds a little character to this otherwise simple saddle. ~@~@Built on a genuine Ralide tree with metal reinforced_ leather covered horn_ and outfitted with 7/8 position nylon_ leather reinforced_ half-breed rigging with stainless dees. ~@~@Features tough 1000 denier nylon_ fleece lined skirt_ and 2inch bell stirrups with no-slip tread.~@SPECIFICATIONS~@Tree: Ralide Quarter Horse tree~@Cantle: 4inch highback with nylon binder~@Horn: 3.25inch leather covered~@Rigging: 7/8 nylon-leather half breed with stainless dees~@Finish: Tough_ scratch resistant 1000 denier nylon laminated over shock absorbing foam_ with saddle fleece lined skirts_ and engraved silver trim~@Stirrups: 2inch bell with no-slip tread~@Weight: Approx. 18 lbs.~@

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