Vita Flex by Farnam MSM

Vita Flex by Farnam MSM Vita Flex MSM is ultra pure methylsulfonylmethane, a naturally occurring dietary source of bioavailable sulfur, an essential mineral for both large and small animals. MSM is a form of organic sulfur found in all living organisms and is the primary metabolite of DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide). Since 1988 horsemen and pet owners have relied on the quality and value of Vita Flex MSM to deliver the benefits of this unique ingredient.

Farnam H.B.15

Farnam H.B.15 Formulated to contain 20mg biotin per ounce. Includes the essential amino acids lysine and methionine, vital for growth and tissue maintenance in horses. Also contains vitamin B which aids in metabolism of amino acids.

Oster Powerpro Ultra Battery

Oster Powerpro Ultra Battery Replacement battery for power pro ultra clipper.Color: Black

Legends Poly/Horsehair Pocket Grooming Brush

Legends Poly/Horsehair Pocket Grooming Brush From the Legends Series this brush is made with a kiln-dried, double-lacquered, curved-back hardwood brush block with equal amounts of fine polypropylene fibers and natural horsehair. The brush head is about 6 3/8 long and the shape lends itself to easy handling. Since it is a little shorter than the standard brush head, it fits into pockets and small hands easier, too. The dual-effectiveness of the bristles is derived from a combination of soft horsehairs that are evenly mixed with fine black polypropylene bristles and they are all about 2 long. This type of mix allows the poly bristles to stimulate hair follicles, while the softer horsehair bristles leave a healthy, glossy coat.Color: BlackSize: 6 3/8''

Farnam Flysect Super-7 Fly Spray

Farnam Flysect Super-7 Fly Spray Super-7 with sprayer, controls stable, face and deer flies, gnats, mosquitoes, mites and lice for 5 to 10 days. Contains two repellants, two insecticides that quicky kill flies, aloe and lanolin coat conditoiners and PABA sunscreen.

Equi-Essentials All Hands Grooming Glove

Equi-Essentials All Hands Grooming Glove Innovation on the most basic of necessary grooming tools! The ALL HANDS grooming glove is shaped to fit your hand, making it easier to groom the contours of your horse. Larger numbs on one side for tough jobs, and smaller nubs on the other side for sensitive ares. Pure rubber provides long lasting durability.

Centaur Colors Jelly Bell Boots

Centaur Colors Jelly Bell Boots Ultra cool Glitter Jelly Bell Boots. Translucent and fun in great colors that coordinate with other Centaur horse clothing. Feature a dual velcro closure. Set of 2

Tough-1 10 Piece Grooming Kit In Fun Prints

Tough-1 10 Piece Grooming Kit In Fun Prints Tough nylon 8 x 9 grooming caddy with multi-pockets inside easily holds a sweat scraper, paddle brush, shaped sponge, flexible finishing brush, genie grooming brush, rubber grip mane and tail comb, metal hoof pick, two-in-one rubber groomer, and shaped curry. Tough timber, zebra, purple zebra, raspberry zebra, turquoise zebra, neon zebra, tribal tattoo, wild safari, brown tooled leather, black tooled leather, candy peace.

WeatherBeeta Bell Boots

WeatherBeeta Bell Boots Weatherbeeta Bell Boots Soft, ddurable & breathable pro Mesh TPU outer for maxiumum protection Breathable microperforated neoprene lining contours to the leg for the perfect fit & comfort Non twist design to help the boot stay in place Ideal for training, turnout and travelling for maximum protection

Braideez Braiding Wire

Braideez Braiding Wire Soft and flexible plastic coated copper wire Easy to put in - and stays in Shape braids by hand - no sewing Easy to remove from braids - in seconds Will not damage mane or tail Reusable Cut with scissors or nail clippers

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