Steel Spring Curry Comb

Steel Spring Curry Comb A staple in every grooming box.

Horze Grooming chalk

Horze Grooming chalk Grooming chalk, ideal for masking blemishes and imperfections, can be used when showing horses, pets and other livestock. Available in white, black and chestnut. Net weight 25g.

BURLINGHAM SPORTS 2 Step Mounting Block

BURLINGHAM SPORTS 2 Step Mounting Block An attractive new look to an old standard. This rugged Mounting Block is lightweight, strong and affordable. Easy to carry from place to place, this block is perfect for mounting, grooming or any barn or household chore.15 1/2'' X 19 3/8'' X 15 1/2''. 10 lbs. Item is only shippable in the lower 48 states in the USA.

Tough-1 Palm Grip Finishing Brushes – 6 pk.

Tough-1 Palm Grip Finishing Brushes - 6 pk. Made of high-quality material Soft bristled brush for sensitive skin Comes with a palm grip for a secure fit Great accessory to groom your horse Take your horse's grooming to the next level with the Tough-1 Palm Grip Finishing Brushes - 6 pk. giving you a leg up. These soft-bristled brushes have comfy, ergonomic grips that fit just right in your palm. About JT International For over 35 years, JT International has been providing riders with quality equestrian equipment designed to maximize the riding experience. With over 1,100 different types of products available, they offer new and time-honored favorites to riders all over the world. From tack to training supplies, JT International has each rider and their mount covered.

Weaver Glitter Grooming Kit

Weaver Glitter Grooming Kit Add a touch of sparkle to grooming time with this 7-piece assortment that includes a starter selection of grooming essentials housed in a handy vinyl bag with on-trend glitter finish. Six exterior pockets for extra storage, a wire-reinforced top for stability, a drawstring top closure, comfortable webbing handles, and an adjustable shoulder strap attached with snaps for easy on and off. Includes comb, hoof pick, palm held curry comb, palm held face brush, mane and tail brush, dandy brush and sweat scraper/coarse curry combo.

Kensington Traditional Cut Textilene Protective Fly Sheet

Kensington Traditional Cut Textilene Protective Fly Sheet The Kensington Traditional Cut Protective Fly Sheet has a single belly strap. The revolutionary Kensington Protective Fly Sheet offers ultimate protection against biting insects, dust and dirt, sun bleaching UV rays and trailering or paddock abrasions. It is manufactured with US made 1000 x 2000 Textilene fabric, which is specially formulated to withstand fading, fire, mildew, soiling, and wear and tear, even in the most extreme weather conditions. When layering this Fly Sheet over compatible Kensington blankets, the Textiline keeps your expensive horse clothing protected! The mesh holds snow out and away from the outer shell of other layers, keeping your horse warmer and drier.Features: DURABLE: Made of Textiline, the strongest material on the market. Kensington's American-made, worldwide exclusive fabric. FLY RESISTANT: So tightly woven it resists biting flies and insects. GROOMING: Mesh sheds out old and dead hairs to eliminate or delay early clipping. The mesh keeps the coat shiny by massaging out natural oils. Reduces daily grooming by keeping dust and dirt off the coat. UV RESISTANT: Blocks up to 73% of UV rays that can bleach the horse's coat. AIR PERMEABLE: 78% permeability helps to keep your horse cool and can be used for hot days and while trailering. Non-heat transferring fabric will not overheat your horse. Air circulates freely, helping to dry moisture and sweat. SOIL RESISTANT: Mud and manure just wash right off. Machine washable or just hose off and it dries in minutes. WOUND PROTECTANT: An excellent non-sticking, non-abrasive protective layer over open wounds and sutures. FIRE RETARDANT: Fabric self extinguished when removed from flame; does not emit any burning afterglow. MILDEW RESISTANT: A special antiseptic additive prevents the growth of ordorous, unhealthy and unsightly mildew. Fade Resistant; Specially formulated for outdoor use to withstand fading and maintain color. TRAILERING PROTECTANT: Protects your horse while trailering from rubs and cuts. Can also be used to keep your horse cool by wetting the Fly Sheet. The water creates a seal over the mesh. Should an accident occur the protective Fly Sheet helps prevent punctures or abrasions. HORSE CLOTHING PROTECTANT: Use over blankets and horse clothing items to add longevity and extra protection.

HorZe Flexible Rubber Curry Comb Small

HorZe Flexible Rubber Curry Comb Small Transparent rubber curry comb. Moulds easily to the palm with its flexibility, making grooming more effective. Fits small hands.

Bitten single bit warmer with 2 disposable heat packs

Bitten single bit warmer with 2 disposable heat packs Bitten Bit Warmer. A simple way to warm up your horse's bit before riding. Simply open your bitten, and put a disposable or reusable hand warmer into the mesh pocket. Now wrap the Bitten around your bit (while it is still attached to the bridle), allow it to warm the bit while you groom your horse. Finally, when you are ready to bridle your horse, remove the Bitten and hang it around your neck. Now bridle your horse. While riding, the bitten will keep your body warm. Each Bitten comes with 2 disposable heat packs.

TORY LEATHER Track/Grooming Conversion Halter with Brass Hardware

TORY LEATHER Track/Grooming Conversion Halter with Brass Hardware From the original Tory Leather - MADE IN USA. This 3/4'' double and stitched bridle leather track halter has 3 snaps that when unhooked, turns the halter into a grooming halter with no straps to get in the way. This track/grooming conversion halter has solid brass hardware.

EquiFit D-TEQ Boots with ImpacTeq Liners – Urethane Tab – Hind

EquiFit D-TEQ Boots with ImpacTeq Liners - Urethane Tab - Hind D-Teq, the very latest in Defense Technology from EquiFit was developed by working with riders, managers and grooms. D-Teqs protection, support and performance set a new standard of excellence. These boots feature: D-Teq Shell: Anatomically molded outer shell Classic styling ImpacTeq Liners: Transform from soft to rigid upon impact Mold to leg for custom fit AntiMicrobial Breathable & cool Promote circulation Easy to wash and quick to dry. Together, D-Teq boots and ImpacTeq liners provide the most effective protection on the market today. Merging classic style and cutting-edge technology with hands-on experience makes EquiFit the top choice of every rider.

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