Alamo Chocolate Barrel Racer or Pleasure Saddle 1274-3M 1275-3M

Alamo Chocolate Barrel Racer or Pleasure Saddle 1274-3M 1275-3M This is a gorgeous barrel racing saddle. It has a classic_ yet edgy style to it. We love the Ice & Prism conchos and the gorgeous tooling. You won't be overlooked in the ring with this one! It's built on a Hadlock & Fox fiberglass covered wood tree and features inskirt stainless steel rigging. Conchos are three metal (antique silver_ brass_ and copper) and the tooling is impeccable.~@SPECIFICATIONS~@Tree: Hadlock & Fox Fiberglass covered wood tree~@Seat Size: 14_ 15~@Horn: 3inch~@Cantle: 5inch~@Rigging: 7/8 inskirt stainless steel plate~@Skirt Length: 24inch~@Trim: 3 Metal conchos (antique silver_ brass_ copper)_ 2 Stone (ice & prism) antique silver horn cap_ cinch plate & conchos~@Includes: 1-3/4inch Latigo Tie and Off Billet & 17-Strand Cinch~@Weight: Approximately 24 lbs.

15.5inch_ 16inch Billy Cook Van Hargis All Around 6500

15.5inch_ 16inch Billy Cook Van Hargis All Around 6500 Simple and sleek_ this saddle is made for extra close contact to give you the perfect ride. Great for everyday duties and the trails_ Billy Cook gives you a rawhide covered tree_ short horn_ and a 27 strand mohair cinch. The beauty comes from the uniquely quilted seat and glossy hand tooled leather. The package is complete wtih stainless steel dees and rawhide laced bell stirrups. ~@~@inchThe Van Hargis All-Around Saddle was the first saddle I ever had an opportunity to design. I am honored that the legendary Billy Cook built it for me. Mr. Cook was my neighbor during my youth and his wife was my first paying customer. The Van Hargis All-Around Saddle has a history and a meaning that goes beyond it's outstanding quality_ workmanship and design.inch ----Van Hargis~@~@~@SPECIFICATIONS~@Tree:All Around_ rawhide covered_ quarter horse bars~@Seat Size: 15.5inch or 16inch quilted~@Horn: 2 1/2inch short post~@Swell: 13inch tooled~@Cantle: 4inch leather~@Rigging: Stainless steel dees with cut-away skirt 7/8 position~@Skirts: Artificial wool lining~@Skirt Length: 27inch~@Cinch: 27 strand~@Stirrups: 2inch Bell rawhide laced~@Weight: Approx 32lbs.~@Pattern: Double border & basket hand tooled~@~@Although through the years many have tried to imitate Billy Cook products_ even to the point of counterfeiting_ THERE IS ONLY ONE GENUINE inchBILLY COOK CLASSIC SADDLEinch MANUFACTURER. is happy to sell the Genuine Billy Cook saddles made in Sulphur_ Oklahoma_ owned by Mr. Billy Cook. There are other saddle manufacturers that sell their own Billy Cook saddles. If you buy a Billy Cook saddle be sure that it is manufactured in Sulphur_ Oklahoma.

15.5inch Used Circle Y Medium Pleasure Saddle uscy3329

15.5inch Used Circle Y Medium Pleasure Saddle uscy3329 15.5inch Used Circle Y Medium Pleasure Saddle~@This Circle Y saddle is in great condition. It has a very classy look to it. This saddle has all original silver pieces. This saddle would make an excellent work or show saddle. The leather is nice and broken in_ and has been well cared for. The suede seat still has lots of life left in it. Don't miss out on the chance to take a ride in this supple saddle.~@Specifications~@BRAND:Circle Y~@MODEL:2921~@SADDLE TYPE: Pleasure~@TREE SIZE:Medium~@TREE MATERIAL: Ralide~@SEAT SIZE: 15.5inch~@SEAT MATERIAL:Smooth Brown Suede~@CANTLE HEIGHT: 4inch~@SWELL WIDTH: 12inch~@HORN SIZE: 2inch/3inch~@RIGGING: Double Dee In Skirt~@HARDWARE: Stainless Steel~@SKIRT LENGTH: 28inch~@WEIGHT: Approx 32lbs

16inch Big Horn cordura Roping Saddle FQH 209 210

16inch Big Horn cordura Roping Saddle FQH 209 210 Designed for work_ this Big Horn roper is built on a sturdy Bowman double fiberglass covered wood tree with full quarter horse bars. ~@~@A 4” cantle and 2” binding along with the roughout padded seat will keep you secure during the most demanding tasks. ~@~@Leather conchos and dees provide a platform for all your working equipment_ in the field or on the trail. ~@~@cordura skirt and fenders work to cut weight without sacrificing durability or quality. ~@~@Other features include leather covered bell bottom stirrups_ heavy 7/8 position stainless rigging_ and a 27” square fleece lined skirt for the traditional western look. ~@~@Made in the USA. ~@Specifications~@Tree: Bowman style roping tree with full quarter horse bars and double fiberglass covered wood tree ~@Cantle: 4inch with 2inch cantle binding ~@Seat: 16inch roughout_ padded ~@Horn: 3.5inch x 2.5inch_ Triple Daly ~@Gullet Width: Wide ~@Gullet Height: 6inch ~@Rigging: 7/8 double conventional_ heavy stainless steel dees ~@Skirts: 27.5inch x 12.5inch square_ fleece lined ~@Fenders: 19inch x 8inch_ 2.5inch leather reinforced nylon stirrup straps with stainless steel buckles ~@Stirrups: Leather covered bell bottom ~@Finish: Black or Brown ~@Trim: Leather front_ cantle binding_ and jockey. cordura nylon skirts_ housing_ and fenders. Leather conchos. Dees for attaching saddle strings ~@Weight: Approximately 25 lbs.

EASY-CHANGE Gullet System Complete Pack

EASY-CHANGE Gullet System Complete Pack The EASY-CHANGE Gullet System includes five gullet sizes_ spare tools_ and instruction manual and the EASY-CHANGE Gullet Gauge

16inch 17inch Big Horn Trail Saddle 1640 1642

16inch 17inch Big Horn Trail Saddle 1640 1642 Big Horn Trail Saddle 1640-1642~@~@Made In The USA If you’re looking for a little bit different style of trail saddle_ this Big Horn 1640 might just fit the bill. ~@~@Finished in Big Horn’s medium oil for a nice change of pace and trimmed with basket tooling and barbed wire border. Silver conchos and clipping dees complete the package. ~@~@Featuring a Ralide flexible tree in Full Quarter Horse bars_ 16” or 17” seat with cheyenne roll_ and butterfly cut skirt for close contact and leg cueing. ~@~@Made in the USA. ~@~@Specifications ~@Tree: Ralide flexible tree_ full quarter horse bars~@Cantle: 4inch with 1.5inch Cheyenne roll~@Seat: 16inch or 17inch grainout_ padded~@Horn: 2.75inch x 2.5inch~@Gullet: Medium Plus width x 6.25inch high~@Rigging: Stainless steel Dees in 7/8 position~@Skirts: Butterfly cut~@Fenders: 18inch x 8inch_ with nylon reinforced stirrup leathers~@Stirrups: Leather covered Visalia_ 4.5inch tread width~@Finish: Medium Oil~@Trim: Basket and Barb wire border tooling with silver conchos and clipping dees~@Weight: Approximately 32 lbs.

15.5inch 16.5inch Big Horn cordura Saddle 115 116 283

15.5inch 16.5inch Big Horn cordura Saddle 115 116 283 This new saddle from Big Horn is built with the Arabian horse in mind - more wither clearance_ shorter skirt_ and less twist in the bars. ~@~@Engineered on Steele Tree Company's Equi-Fit Arabian wood tree and covered in fiberglass for additional strength. ~@~@The short_ rounded skirt makes this saddle a good choice for the shorter backed horse. ~@~@Available in 15.5inch or 16.5inch grainout_ padded seat and your choice of black or brown cordura. ~@~@Featuring 7/8 position rigging_ Ralide stirrups_ and engraved sterling silver plated conchos. ~@~@Weighing in at only 20lbs_ you'll appreciate the cordura construction when saddling up! ~@~@Specifications ~@~@Tree: Fiberglass covered wood tree_ Arabian bars and gullet ~@Cantle: 4inch ~@Seat: 15.5inch or 16.5inch grain out_ padded ~@Horn: 2.5inch x 2.75inch ~@Gullet Width: Medium ~@Gullet Height: 5.5inch ~@Rigging: 7/8 position single front stainless steel dee ~@Skirts: 26inch x 13inch ~@Fenders: 18inch x 8inch_ 2inch leather reinforced nylon stirrup straps with stainless steel buckles ~@Stirrups: Ralide with laced foot pad ~@Finish: Black or brown ~@Trim: Smooth leather front_ seat jockeys_ and cantle. cordura nylon skirts_ housings and fenders_ Hand engraved sterling silver plated conchos ~@Weight: Approximately 20 lbs.

Circle Y Elko Ranch Saddle 1343

Circle Y Elko Ranch Saddle 1343 The Circle Y Elko Ranch saddle is ready for work. Built on a Wade fiberglass reinforced wood tree (regular or wide) and a 7/8 flat plate rigging_ this saddle is going to be around for a while. ~@~@Featuring a mule hide horn wrap_ rawhide cantle and horn lip_ rust resistant brass hardware with six saddle strings for gear_ and hand tooled border. ~@~@This saddle comes with a matching flank cinch set_ heavy oil finish_ and your choice of 15inch_ 15.5inch_ 16inch_ 16.5inch_ or 17inch seat. ~@~@SPECIFICATIONS~@Seat Size: 15inch_ 15.5inch_ 16inch_ 16.5inch_ 17inch~@Color: Heavy Oil~@Hardware: Brass~@Tooling: Spider Border~@Tree: Wade Fiberglass Reinforced Regular or Wide~@Swell Width: 9inch~@Cantle Height: 5inch~@Horn Size: 2 3/4inch Neck_ 4 3/4inch Cap~@Skirt: 14inch D x 27inch L~@Weight: Approximately 40 lbs.

Circle Y Xtreme Performance Lady Lake Barrel Saddle 2160

Circle Y Xtreme Performance Lady Lake Barrel Saddle 2160 This is one saddle you can't miss with its deep 1/2 hand tooled Wyoming flower design and painted background. The bold chocolate faux gator seat continues the design trend along with beautiful rope edge silver on iron conchos. ~@~@Constructed on a wood Precision DURAhide covered barrel tree_ available in regular or wide_ carrying a lifetime warranty. DURAhide is a coating that locks out moisture and adds an additional level of strength to the tree. A familiar 7/8 position in-skirt C rigging serves to cut weight and reduce bulk under the jockey - leaving you with the close contact feel riders love. ~@~@Roughout jockeys and fenders with camo border tooling provide the necessary grip during competition while the XP inchdishedinch seat with 5inch cantle gives you the security and confidence you need to compete. ~@~@Made in the USA with hand tooled Herman Oak Leather. ~@~@SPECIFICATIONS~@Seat Sizes: 13inch_ 13.5inch_ 14inch_ 14.5inch_ 15inch_ 15.5inch_ 16inch~@Color: Medium Oil~@Tooling: Wyoming flower with camo border~@Silver: Rope Edge Silver on iron~@Rigging: 7/8 In-skirt C~@Horn: 3-1/2inch Neck_ 2-1/4inch cap~@Tree: Precision Barrel DURAhide Regular or Wide~@Skirt: 13inch D x 26inch L~@Swell Width: 13inch~@Cantle Height: 5inch~@Weight: Approximately 25 lbs.~@~@~@Customize any XP saddle from the tree up to be uniquely yours. Contact one of our saddle experts to customize this saddle!

17inch Used Big Horn Medium Trail Saddle 337

17inch Used Big Horn Medium Trail Saddle 337 17inch Used Big Horn Medium Trail Saddle 337~@~@~@~@Hit the trails or go to work in this Big Horn saddle. This synthetic saddle allows for a light weight experience and ride. However_ this saddle allows for great comfort with its high profile seat_ and soft material. It also features trail strings_ and is in excellent condition. This Big Horn saddle also allows for an easy clean. Don't miss the oportunity to own a saddle with as great functionability as this one_ and for a great price! ~@~@~@SPECIFICATIONS~@BRAND:Big Horn~@MODEL:337~@SADDLE TYPE: Trail~@TREE SIZE:Medium~@TREE MATERIAL: Ralide~@SEAT SIZE: 17inch~@SEAT MATERIAL:Stitched Brown Suede~@CANTLE HEIGHT: 5inch~@SWELL WIDTH: 12inch~@HORN SIZE: 3inch/2.5inch~@RIGGING: Single Dee Reinforced~@HARDWARE: Stainless Steel~@SKIRT LENGTH: 26.5inch~@WEIGHT: Approx 22lbs

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