Kelly Herd 14K Bit Ring

Spectacular Beauty of a Ring in 14K Gold with Diamonds around the two bands with Snaffle bits filling the center. Your beautifully hand crafted ring by Kelly Herd is made from gold. All of our silver designs and many of our 14K gold designs are protected with a rhodium plating. This plating helps add a rich elegant look and also provides a protective layer from elements that cause silver to tarnish.By cleaning your ring with warm water, mild soap, and a soft polish cloth you can extend the life of that just like new look. Abrasives and strong silver cleaners are NOT recommended and will remove the rhodium designed to protect your ring.


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Finishing Touch Mini Horseshoe CZ Birthstone Earrings - Gold Finish

Finishing Touch Mini Horseshoe CZ Birthstone Earrings - Gold Finish

MINI HORSE SHOE WITH CZ STONE EARRINGS - GOLD FINISH Finishing touch takes a great deal of pride in offering a high-quality productFinishing Touch Jewelry is all costume jewelry and is plated in either durable 14 karat gold or imitation rhodium (gives a nice silver finish without the problem of tarnishing) over white metal brass, or retro silver finish (polished pewter, antiqued, lead and nickel free). Many items are manufactured right in Nicholasville, KY. Jewelry from The Finishing Touch of Kentucky withstands the test of time when cared for properly.

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