Can anyone give me any tips for equestrian photography?

Hello, I am now? Students and they asked me? Photography to accompany a photograph this weekend, I usually photograph mostly portraits and documentary-style photographs. Although I’ll shoot? a show? receivership. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions? take good pictures Thank you in advance:?)

Does anyone know where I can get a virtual horse that I can Groom and take care of online?

My m? Re not let me have a real horse so I am trying to adopt a line. Any suggestions would be great.

Anyone know where to get good equestrian boots?

I t? r? recently riding in a nice pair of high boots up? what they wore and their type is begun? ? is d? sint? grate. I am also 5 ‘, so it’s really hard to find a good pair of boots for my foot size (I wear a size 8, so g a rule of thumb the height of these boots are 17-18 cm high, which is much too short for my calves.). I do not want to get custom boots, or they are too expensive. Does someone knows where? find a pair of boots that is designed Particular LY shorter riders? Please give t let the mark and the link.

Is anyone else angry about Grand Cypress closing its equestrian center just before Christmas?

They have given? horses, staff and board? Re 30 days to receive the bouquet. It is f? R of the thinking, the k horses? Can e “H? User within 30 days in this? Economy are unverantwortlich.Ich w? Rde not buy a golf package, though, as their horses Kostg? to treat more.

Can anyone give me an estimate of how much it costs to feed and care for a horse?

I’m just here? Research of a golf ball tr? s wave. I was looking for properties? T? horse w rde? As the horses enter, but I m ??RIGHTS? At least a small id? E co t monthly.

Does anyone know what channel the Olympic equestrian events will be on and when?

I think the last? Re realllly time they were on bravo to EN t? Am. . . Idk tho id really know.

Does anyone know where I can get a health care book for my horse?

I watched an old catalog supply of land and they had a health record? (F you like the genre? A new puppy) and I can not? find online. I just can? Be looking in the wrong place?

Does anyone have any experience using the OSIM igallop for equestrian fitness?

What is your exp? Experience and w? Recommend? Would you rate this? R f the casual rider? their convenience between sessions for am? improve riding? So what is the f co t? A device? T?

I am planning on buying a horse within the next year? Does anyone know of a good horse care class?

Does anyone know of a good equestrian message board or forum in Michigan?

I’m new properties? Silence a Tennessee Walker. I need a good f / forum active? R Questions? About my horse. It is dark brown gelding 3 15th? with a small? canvas. TX!

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