BREYER HORSES STABLE CLEANING SET Stable Cleaning Kit. Set includes broom, shovel, pitchfork, muck bucket, and wheelbarrow. Also included imitation manure! Designed to fit Traditional Size Breyer Horses.

Bruder Mercedes Benz Sprinter Horse Transporter

Bruder Mercedes Benz Sprinter Horse Transporter The Mercedes Benz Sprinter universal application combined with a wide variety of upper bodies make it indispensable in trade, the building industry, for local authorities (police, fire & rescue), as well as for landscaping. Variable interior partition wall and 2 water troughs. Ramp lattices ensure that the animals can be guided gently on & off the vehicle. Additional horses (#02306) are available. Maximum horse capacity is 2. Highlights include front & rear windshield, doors that can be opened, folding roof, mounting adapter for front-mounted equipment & profiled tires. Upper body features: split side door that can be opened, fold down stairs, tailgate usable for animal loading, 2 fold-down ramp gates, rotating partition wall and 2 feed troughs, suitable for 2 horses (1 horse included).


BREYER HORSES CLASSIC EVA SADDLE UP SET Eva, Saddle Up Set is the perfect compliment to the Classics Singles, Horse Cruiser and 3 Horse Stable. This doll and accessories set includes a 6 fully articulated and outfitted doll and plenty of accessories. Pair up with any Classics single horse for fun.

The Horse Race Game

The Horse Race Game Add some excitement and a real adrenaline rush to your next get-together. The Horse Race Game is one of those games your friends will ask for again and again. Players line up their horses at the gate, pay entry fees and place bets. Then roll the dice to move the horses forward or add to the purse. The anticipation grows as the pot gets bigger and the horses advance, till one crosses the line and the owners share the winnings-it's a different race every time and anyone can win!

How do I take care of a baby horse?

I have a mare, the foal is now, and I wonder if I have any information? Could you on some basic principles?

What does a mommy horse do to take care of its baby?

I have a project and is one of the issues

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