HorZe Flexible Rubber Curry Comb Small

HorZe Flexible Rubber Curry Comb Small Transparent rubber curry comb. Moulds easily to the palm with its flexibility, making grooming more effective. Fits small hands.

Abetta Groom Organizer Kit

Abetta Groom Organizer Kit Nylon grooming organizer that can be mounted in the barn, trailer or tack room that hold multiple grooing items. Comes packed with 2 brushes, grooming mitt, sweat scraper, hoof pick and a mane comb.

ABETTA Grooming Rake

ABETTA Grooming Rake Rugged poly grooming rake with 1 1/4'' teeth.

Roma Backpack Grooming Kit

Roma Backpack Grooming Kit Roma Brand Quality. Products made from the finest materials with a complete line horse. Depend on Roma products for great quality and price.

Legends Poly/Horsehair Pocket Grooming Brush

Legends Poly/Horsehair Pocket Grooming Brush From the Legends Series this brush is made with a kiln-dried, double-lacquered, curved-back hardwood brush block with equal amounts of fine polypropylene fibers and natural horsehair. The brush head is about 6 3/8 long and the shape lends itself to easy handling. Since it is a little shorter than the standard brush head, it fits into pockets and small hands easier, too. The dual-effectiveness of the bristles is derived from a combination of soft horsehairs that are evenly mixed with fine black polypropylene bristles and they are all about 2 long. This type of mix allows the poly bristles to stimulate hair follicles, while the softer horsehair bristles leave a healthy, glossy coat.Color: BlackSize: 6 3/8''

Equestria Sport Competition Face Brush

Equestria Sport Competition Face Brush Equine face grooming brush. Equestria sport mini-brush for face grooming; fits handily into any pocket or grooming kit, in sophisticated black & gold col Very small black and metallic gold synthetic peanut shaped brush block with black rubber grip and dual color matching soft syColor: Black/GoldSize: 5

Palm-held Face Brush with Soft Bristles

Palm-held Face Brush with Soft Bristles Designed for less fatigue when grooming, the palm-held design fits snugly in hand with handle sliding between the index finger and middle finger for a comfortable grip.

Plastic Curry

Plastic Curry Heavy duty plastic curry, perfect for washing and shedding or every day grooming.

Curved Slicker Brush

Curved Slicker Brush A longtime favorite of groomers. It effectively removes mats, loose hair, and debris from coats. High quality, lightweight, and plastic handles are virtually indestructible. Contoured for comfort. The fine stainless steel pins glides easily through coat and are gentle for all types of skin, especially sensitive skin.Size: Large

Perri’s Tail Brush

Perri's Tail Brush Great Grooming Item

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