How to Tie Rope Horse Halters

When tying a rope horse halter, approach the horse slowly and calmly, loop the nose piece over the horse’s nose in the proper position and pull the strap over the top of the animal’s head to secure it. Tie a rope halter onto a horse with advice from a riding instructor in this video on equestrian living.

Best Horse Riding Gear to Wear

The best horse riding gear to wear should include comfortable riding pants, paddock boots, half chaps, riding gloves and a well-fitting helmet. Stay safe, and prevent rubs and sores when riding a horse by using advice from an equestrian team head coach in this video on horse riding supplies.

Pregnant Horse Care : Signs of Horse Pregnancy

Signs that a horse is pregnant include a fuller belly area, a calmer disposition and milk production in her udders, but a quick trip to the veterinarian can confirm a pregnancy. Identify the signs of horse pregnancy with advice from a professional horse trainer in this free video on horse care. Expert: Neil Draper Bio: Neil Draper is a professional horse trainer who lives in Fountain Greene, Utah. Filmmaker: Michael Burton

Horse Around the House, a

Used – This guide to horse care is intended for riders of all levels and horse owners. The authors offer advice on a variety of concerns including veterinary care, barn design, and show preparation.

Western Horse: Advice and Training

Used – Advises aspiring trainers on the techniques and problems of buying, breeding, and handling horses.

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