Circle Y Xtreme Performance Hesperia Junior Roper Saddle 2773

Circle Y Xtreme Performance Hesperia Junior Roper Saddle 2773 You don't settle for a mediocre saddle and neither should your aspiring roper. This JR Roper from Circle Y packs all the performance features of their full sized ropers into a small_ light_ and affordable package. ~@~@Built on the same Precision LTM fiberglass Precision tree that the full sized ropers use and covered in DURAhide for strength and moisture protection. Featuring a 7/8 position double dee rigging and close contact cutout skirt. ~@~@1/4 mini basket tooling gives this saddle some character without breaking the bank. Topped off with brown iron barbwire conchos. ~@~@Roughout jockeys and fenders along with a 3.5inch tall_ rawhide twist cantle will give your little one the confidence and security they need to perform. ~@~@Made in the USA with hand tooled Herman Oak Leather. ~@~@SPECIFICATIONS~@Seat Sizes: 13inch_ 13.5inch~@Color: Medium Oil~@Tooling: 1/4 Mini basket with barbwire border~@Silver: Brown iron barbwire~@Rigging: 7/8 Double dee~@Horn: 3inch Neck_ 3inch cap~@Tree: Precision LTM Fiberglass Regular or Wide~@Skirt: 14inch D x 25.5inch L~@Swell: 13inch~@Cantle: 3.5inch~@Weight: Approximately 33 lbs.~@~@~@Customize any XP® saddle from the tree up to be uniquely yours. Contact one of our saddle experts to customize this saddle!

Horse: A Portrait 2017 Wall Calendar

Horse: A Portrait 2017 Wall Calendar Award-winning photographer Christiane Slawik takes you on a worldwide tour to view her portraits of the most magnificent horses on the planet. The full-color, large format wall calendar features daily grids with ample room for jotting appointments, birthdays and reminders.Photography by Christiane Slawik along with these horses' backgroundsJuly-December 2017 overviewAmple space for recording appointments, birthdays and personal remindersPrevious and next month views

Finishing Touch Horse Looking Over Shoulder Necklace

Finishing Touch Horse Looking Over Shoulder Necklace HORSE LOOKING OVER SHOULDER PENDANT-GOLD FINISH Finishing touch takes a great deal of pride in offering a high-quality product at a low price, and they stand behind their products. Finishing Touch is a 34-year-old Lexington Kentucky corporation located in the heart of Horse country and Horse Jewelry is their specialty. Finishing Touch Jewelry is all costume jewelry and is plated in either durable 14 karat gold or imitation rhodium (gives a nice silver finish without the problem of tarnishing) over white metal brass, or retro silver finish (polished pewter, antiqued, lead and nickel free). Many items are manufactured right in Nicholasville, KY. Jewelry from The Finishing Touch of Kentucky withstands the test of time when cared for properly.Color: Gold Finish

Black Tuffy Nylon Flank Strap

Black Tuffy Nylon Flank Strap Black Tuffy Nylon Flank Strap

Gatsby Classic Nylon Breakaway Halter with Snap

Gatsby Classic Nylon Breakaway Halter with Snap Made by Gatsby, a reputable company that has been making quality goods for over 30 years, this is a heavy-duty nylon halter with a breakaway crown. This amazing halter features: Double ply, durable nylon Double buckle, pre-conditioned leather crown, which is the standard Gatsby replacement halter crown and is easily available for replacement Spring snap on the side, made to be extremely easy to undo, even on cold days adjustable chin with grommets in them easy adjustments Rolled throat for added comfort durable nickel plated hardware This halter is great for using as a turnout halter, when trailering or even when they are in their stalls. The leather crown will break, helping to prevent injury to your horse. Try it and see why more people are switching to quality Gatsby items for their horses.

Nunn Finer Detachable Neck Strap

Nunn Finer Detachable Neck Strap Made From The Same Premium Leather As Our Bridles, Martingales And Reins. Designed To Be Used With The Worsted Wool, English Elastic, German Elastic, And Jumper Breastplates. The Detachable Neck Strap Holds Breastplates That Attach Directly To The Girth Securely In Place. One Size. Havana Or Black. Brass Or Zinc Fittings. Made In America.

Big Horn Flank Strap

Big Horn Flank Strap This premium leather Big Horn flank strap with off billet and chrome hardware will keep your saddle snugly in place.

Hamilton Horse Halter with Adjustable Chin and Snap Throat

Hamilton Horse Halter with Adjustable Chin and Snap Throat Hamilton's hand-selected materials are stitched and boxstitched either single or double thick, ensuring our valued customers products that have a long, dependable life. Hamilton's quality excellence approach to production is enhanced by an array of dazzling colors that makes Hamilton Products stand above the rest. Large Horse (1100-1600lbs), Average Horse (800-1100lbs), Small Horse (500-800lbs) or Pony (300-500lbs).

16inch Big Horn inchKing of Mulesinch cordura Mule Saddle bh305

16inch Big Horn inchKing of Mulesinch cordura Mule Saddle bh305 As a company Big Horn does an excellent job at making sure that every size and shape or horse has a saddle to fit it. This new model is called a Flat Top-Line saddle_ making it perfect for any horse with just that---a flat top-line. If your horse or mule has a straight_ flat back with less-defined withers_ this is the saddle for you. Big Horn likes to call this their inchKing of Mulesinch saddle since mule owners love it some much!~@~@It's built on a fiberglass-covered wood tree and fashioned out of Big Horn's quality cordura. It also features swept-back swells_ brass hardware_ and a grain-out_ padded seat.~@SPECIFICATIONS:~@Tree: Fiberglass-covered wood with flat top-line bars_ swept-back swells~@Seat: Grain-out_ padded~@Cantle: 4inch~@Gullet: Medium~@Rigging: 7/8inch solid brass double conventional rigging. Brass crupper ring_ britchen_ and breast collar dees~@Skirt Length: 26inch~@Trim: Brass hardware and saddle strings~@Finish: Show brown~@Weight: 22 lbs

PDS Special Order Showtime Covered Leather Dressage Saddle

PDS Special Order Showtime Covered Leather Dressage Saddle Featuring Ecological tanned calf leather, cut away panels and outside knee blocks. The PDS SHOWTIME range is designed to maximize horse and rider performance. The cut away panel is designed for horses with typical dressage horse conformation- longer sloping shoulders and set back withers- to allow freedom of movement to the shoulder of the horse. The knee block has been placed on the top of the saddle in order to enable the rider to remain secure in the saddle and to sustain a correct and balanced position, especially when experiencing pronounced movement from the horse. These design elements will result in a noticeable increase in the horse's forward movement and its ability to extend.Also features a Carbon Fiber XCH tree and AMS synthetic wool flocked panels. Comes standard with Standard AMS Panels and Regular Flap length.Special Order Panel options: AMS Alto Panels- built for horses with prominent withers and greater height difference from withers to back. The Alto Panels are deeper at the front and back to offer extra support and clearance over the withers and spine. The addition of a front gusset in the panel gives clearance over the withers with extra padding in the region of the panel that sits just behind the shoulder, offering extrea support where the horse often lacks muscle.AMS Corto Panels- designed for a more compact type of horse with a well-developed muscular back. The gusset at the back of the saddle is flatter to fit the contours of the horse's back.Special Order Flap Lengths: Short Flap (Reg -1), Long Flap (Reg. +1), Extra Long (Reg. +2)Special Order PDS saddles (Alto/Corto panel & alternate flap lengths) will be delivered in approximately 4 weeks or less.

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