Circle Y Xtreme Performance Hesperia Junior Roper Saddle 2773

Circle Y Xtreme Performance Hesperia Junior Roper Saddle 2773 You don't settle for a mediocre saddle and neither should your aspiring roper. This JR Roper from Circle Y packs all the performance features of their full sized ropers into a small_ light_ and affordable package. ~@~@Built on the same Precision LTM fiberglass Precision tree that the full sized ropers use and covered in DURAhide for strength and moisture protection. Featuring a 7/8 position double dee rigging and close contact cutout skirt. ~@~@1/4 mini basket tooling gives this saddle some character without breaking the bank. Topped off with brown iron barbwire conchos. ~@~@Roughout jockeys and fenders along with a 3.5inch tall_ rawhide twist cantle will give your little one the confidence and security they need to perform. ~@~@Made in the USA with hand tooled Herman Oak Leather. ~@~@SPECIFICATIONS~@Seat Sizes: 13inch_ 13.5inch~@Color: Medium Oil~@Tooling: 1/4 Mini basket with barbwire border~@Silver: Brown iron barbwire~@Rigging: 7/8 Double dee~@Horn: 3inch Neck_ 3inch cap~@Tree: Precision LTM Fiberglass Regular or Wide~@Skirt: 14inch D x 25.5inch L~@Swell: 13inch~@Cantle: 3.5inch~@Weight: Approximately 33 lbs.~@~@~@Customize any XP® saddle from the tree up to be uniquely yours. Contact one of our saddle experts to customize this saddle!

Black Tuffy Nylon Flank Strap

Black Tuffy Nylon Flank Strap Black Tuffy Nylon Flank Strap

Big Horn Flank Strap

Big Horn Flank Strap This premium leather Big Horn flank strap with off billet and chrome hardware will keep your saddle snugly in place.

16inch Big Horn inchKing of Mulesinch cordura Mule Saddle bh305

16inch Big Horn inchKing of Mulesinch cordura Mule Saddle bh305 As a company Big Horn does an excellent job at making sure that every size and shape or horse has a saddle to fit it. This new model is called a Flat Top-Line saddle_ making it perfect for any horse with just that---a flat top-line. If your horse or mule has a straight_ flat back with less-defined withers_ this is the saddle for you. Big Horn likes to call this their inchKing of Mulesinch saddle since mule owners love it some much!~@~@It's built on a fiberglass-covered wood tree and fashioned out of Big Horn's quality cordura. It also features swept-back swells_ brass hardware_ and a grain-out_ padded seat.~@SPECIFICATIONS:~@Tree: Fiberglass-covered wood with flat top-line bars_ swept-back swells~@Seat: Grain-out_ padded~@Cantle: 4inch~@Gullet: Medium~@Rigging: 7/8inch solid brass double conventional rigging. Brass crupper ring_ britchen_ and breast collar dees~@Skirt Length: 26inch~@Trim: Brass hardware and saddle strings~@Finish: Show brown~@Weight: 22 lbs

14inch 15inch Tex Tan Finals Champ Barrel Saddle 292218

14inch 15inch Tex Tan Finals Champ Barrel Saddle 292218 Tex Tan's new Finals Champ barrel saddle has the great Tex Tan look on the outside_ but features new technology with a Ralide barrel tree on the inside. ~@~@The Ralide barrel tree (QHB) is one piece_ from horn to ground seat_ to cantle _ and is molded from a polyurethane composite for added strength. Ralide trees do not mold_ crack_ or weather like a traditional tree. ~@~@Tex Tan developed this saddle with the popular 7/8 position in-skirt rigging_ giving you a closer contact feel for more precise cues and less bulk under the jockey. ~@~@Finished in Russet color with a hand tooled floral pattern and finished with engraved silver trim (barrel racer motif) and rawhide accents on the horn and cantle. ~@~@A 5inch cantle and roughout design keep you secure in the pocket as you turn and burn. ~@~@SPECIFICATIONS~@Seat Size: 14inch_ 15inch~@Tree: Ralide Barrel Racer with Quarter Horse bars~@Horn: 1 7/8inch cap_ 3 1/4inch high_ Braided Rawhide~@Cantle: 5inch rawhide Cheyenne roll with tooled overlay~@Rigging: 7/8 in-skirt stainless dees~@Finish: Russet with floral tooling and roughout jockey and fenders~@Silver: Engraved silver trim with barrel racer motif~@Stirrups: Aluminum Barrel Racer~@Weight: Approx. 25 lbs.

Alamo Scalloped Zebra Headstall with Crystal Spots

Alamo Scalloped Zebra Headstall with Crystal Spots This gorgeous_ unique headstall by Alamo has a zebra inlay and a scalloped border_ adorned with spots. Purchase the matching headstall to make the complete package only $199!~@

15inch to 17inch Circle Y Carlsbad Flex-Lite Trail Saddle 2376

15inch to 17inch Circle Y Carlsbad Flex-Lite Trail Saddle 2376 Circle Y's Flex2 trail saddles are beautiful enough to ride in the show ring_ but comfortable enough for an extra long trail ride. Carlsbad's special features include an Apache leather seat that's been extra padded_ multiple strings to attatch riding gear_ and Circle Y's improved tunnel skirt design. The new tunnel skirt is open down the center of the saddle_ allowing the horse's spine area to be free of potential pressure. The beautiful Herman Oak leather features an acorn and oakleaf tooling combination and brass hardware. ~@~@This saddle also features Circle Y's unique 3 way_ in-skirt rigging_ which combines the features of a standard western dee rig with the opportunity to change the position of the rig to a full_ 3/4_ or 7/8 by merely changing the use of the tie strap. ~@~@Circle Y's Newest Advance: The Flex2 ~@Circle Y continues to improve its Flex2 tree technology. The new Flex2 tree design incorporates a tree that has been coated with DURAhide to ensure that it stays strong and resistant to the elements. DURAhide is much more dependable than traditionally rawhide or fiberglass-covered trees and actually adds strength to the saddle. It also contains Circle Y's new high density and low density bars. The high density bars give support and stability to the saddle and evenly distribute weight_ while the low density bars allow the saddle to conform to your horse_ allowing freedom in motion and enhancing your horse's natural gait. Combine this with Circle Y's comfortable seat_ and you have a saddle that promises to outperform the competition.~@~@~@SPECIFICATIONS~@Seat Sizes: 15inch 16inch 17inch~@Hardware: Brass~@Color: Walnut_ Regular Oil~@Tooling: Acorn/Oakleaf~@Tree: Flex2 Trail Regular and Wide~@Cantle Height: 5inch~@Rigging: 3-Way Adjustable In-Skirt~@Swell Width: 14inch~@Horn Cap: 3inch Neck_ 2-3/4inch Cap~@Weight: Approx 30 lbs~@Skirt Size: 14inchD X 26inch L~@

Circle Y Martha Josey Prime Time Bit 115

Circle Y Martha Josey Prime Time Bit 115 New from Circle Y and Martha Josey: 3-piece twisted wire with dog bone snaffle mouthpiece; rope noseband to balance horse in turns; distributes even pressure on nose_ corners of mouth_ bars_ curb_ and poll; excellent bit for a horse that needs a little more control in turns; blued steel 7” cheeks_ blued steel 5” mouth.

Reinsman Square Saddle Pad 32inchL x 32inchD 236

Reinsman Square Saddle Pad 32inchL x 32inchD 236 These pads are made in a variety of of southwest aztec and solid tops with maize fleece bottoms. Each has a one inch absorbent felt filler and contrasting leather wear leathers. 32 x 32

Roping Breast Straps by Billy Cook

Roping Breast Straps by Billy Cook This breast strap is hand crafted by Billy Cook saddle craftsmen. It features spot tooling and has been doubled and stitched for extra durability. Complete with Stainless Steel hardware_ this breast strap is available in russet and chestnut finishes.~@

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