Professional’s Choice Bob Avila Swivel Mouthpiece Bit

Professional’s Choice Bob Avila Swivel Mouthpiece Bit. This bit offers a lot of tongue relief and pulls from each side separately making it a great transition from a snaffle to a leverage bit. May help older horses that are stiff and pull against the bridle.

my FIRST EVER breyer saddle i made

yeah… i give myself a lot of credit… i just won the award for the worst saddle ever made in existance…

Will James’ saddle by Jack Connolly – Restoration with Chas Weldon

on Saturday, June 13th, 2009, Master Saddle Maker – Chas Weldon did a restoration (restringing and cleaning the silver conchas) on Will James’ personal saddle that is on display at the Yellowstone Art Museum in Billings Montana. This was a two hour event in which a lot of the Connolly Saddlery history was shared and the connection of the friendship of Will James and Jack Connolly.

In your opinion,do you think it’s possible to make it far in the equestrian world without being wealthy?

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What would i need to care for a horse EVERYTHING???

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What is the usual tuition for a good Equestrian summer camp?

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Storey’s Horse-Lover’s Encyclopedia: An English and Western A-to-Z Guide

Product Description The world of horse has a lot of diff? Different ‘ar? Ties “and m? Me many professionals do not know the conditions? Used? outside their area. Here are finally in a place that is a complete guide to all aspects? horse – a guide? the eye and Riding a seasoned professional? a d? stumbling, and someone who wants to know everything you know about horses?. This kr? Ftig, entirely? LY illustrated?, R the book? A response-to-Z compendium is an indispensable deal ever. . . More>>

Storey’s Horse-Lover’s Encyclopedia: An English and Western A-to-Z Guide

About Horse Saddles : Picking a Horse Saddle

Choosing a saddle is an investment that requires a lot of research. Learn what you should consider when buying a saddle in this free video about saddles for horseback riding.Expert: Kathy Kentala Bio: Kathy Kentala owns the Bee Cave Riding Center in Austin, TX. She also owns Signal Hill Ranch, a western venue specializing in team penning and ranch sorting, barrels, poles, and other speed events. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA

A good book to prepare you for horse care?

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Healthy Horse Weight

Packing on the Pounds: Healthy Horse Weight

There are many things that you have to be concerned with when you are raising animals. In general, animals should always follow certain paths and should do certain things, and as an animal owner you have to be sure that you are watching for these things and taking steps to correct things that might be going wrong. You want to be sure that you are doing whatever you can to insure that your animal is being raised healthily, and being raised in a way that makes him into the best animal you can have. A horse is something that you have to pay close attention to, because there are so many things that could go wrong. If you haven’t been around horses, you should get some horse books and read up on them because if you don’t’ know what things to watch out for, you might not be able to tell when something is wrong.

A horse’s weight is going to be an indication of how healthy they are. There are different breeds of horses, and different sizes as well, but whenever you have a horse at your home, you should find out what their ideal weight is, and then you should make a habit of weighing your horse about once a week or so. If your horse has any change in their weight, you might be looking at some kind of problem. If a horse drops a lot of weight in a week, it is going to mean that something is wrong, and you are going to want to seek vet attention right away.

With horses, sicknesses can happen very fast, and they can get too ill to save before you even have noticed that anything is wrong. Even a small amount of weight change during a week can indicate a problem before the problem is full blown, so if you are weighing your horse on a regular basis, you’ll be able to tell if there is a problem maybe even before you would be able to tell otherwise. If you are able to weight your horse regularly, you are going to have a much better chance of catching anything that goes wrong, and in this way you could actually save your horse’s life. It is very important to have a horse scale that you can have in your barn so that you can check your horse’s weight periodically. You should weigh him more often if you think there might be a problem.

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