TooLoud Silly Cartoon Horse Head Cotton Dog Shirt White with Black XL

TooLoud Silly Cartoon Horse Head Cotton Dog Shirt White with Black XL Don't whip this neigh neigh. He doesn't like that. This horselarious design is available on tons of items! These fun printed garments are a great personal touch on you, or as a gift to a friend or loved one! Great for all-year-round too! Colors may differ from image, as each monitor is made and calibrated differently.

Horse Red Snowflakes Long Sleeve Red Unisex Tshirt XL SB3128-LS-RED-XL

Horse Red Snowflakes Long Sleeve Red Unisex Tshirt XL SB3128-LS-RED-XL Green and White Snowflake Design on the red long sleeve tshirt measures 3 1/4 inches by about 20 inches long and runs down the left chest of the shirt. The design has a feel of a silk screened shirt and was created using a new transfer technology that allows us to reproduce our artwork on cotton apparel. Washing inside out and hanging to dry will allow the shirt to remain beautiful for many washings. You can wash and dry the garment as you do your other tshirts as well with no special treatment. This Tshirt is a 6 ounce heavyweight 100% preshrunk cotton; Double-needle stitching throughout; Taped shoulder-to-shoulder; Ribbed cuffsBODY LENGTH in inches - S 28, M 29, L 30, XL 31, 2XL 32BODY WIDTH in inches - S 18, M 20, L 22, XL 24, 2XL 26SLEEVE LENGTH in inches - S 33.5, M 35, L 36.5, XL 38, 2XL 39.5

Pipsqueak Productions DP861 Dish Towel and Pot Holder Set – Jack Russell Terrier & Horse

Pipsqueak Productions DP861 Dish Towel and Pot Holder Set - Jack Russell Terrier & Horse Catering to pet lover enthusiasts who spend time in the kitchen, this decorative set includes a dish towel and potholder. The towel is made from absorbent cotton and measures approximately 18 x 31. The potholder is the quilted type with color coordinated trim and measures approximately 7 x 7. Each kitchen set is packaged in a protective cellophane bag and makes a nice pet gift item. Dish Towel Dimensions: 18 x 31. Pot holder Dimensions: 7 x 7. Breeds: Jack Russell Terrier & Horse.

Curly Horses – Hypoallergenic as Well

The curly coats which give these horses their name is due to a certain gene which is passed on from their parents. In addition to their coat, other hair (e.g. tail, mane, even eyelashes) can display curls. This is one of four unique features which make this breed popular:

1) Hypoallergenic. People who suffer from horse allergies generally have a reduced reaction to curlies and many of them have no reaction at all, making this group of horses unique.

2) Appearance. The curls or waves in the coat of these horses gives them a unique appearance, which many people find attractive.

3) Feel. The soft feel of the coats make petting these horses especially enjoyable for both children and adults.

4) Temperament. These horses are reputed to be particularly calm, sensible and intelligent. As such they are especially suited to children and for therapy.

The curly hair genes are relatively rare, as the vast majority of horses have straight hair. However, the genes can be found in many different types of horses, from miniatures to standards to drafts, of any build and any color.

There are many different types of curls, depending on the horse: fine pin curls up to large, heavy curls or simple waves. Some curlies are born with normal straight hair, in which case on only knows that they are curlies because their parents were and because they show other curly characteristics such as being hypoallergenic.

Consequently, there is tremendous variety in this group of horses. Curly breeders and associations are still working on defining the breed standard and implementing a breeding program based on this standard, in order that curly horses can be bred towards a standard type (one of the requirements for being recognized as an official breed). Therefore, if you thinking of buying a curly horse, the first thing to keep in mind is that there is no standard appearance for curly horses, so you need to look around to determine the type (size, color and amount of curl) which most appeals to you.

The coat changes with both age and season. The winter coat shows the greatest curl, while in many horses (depending on the bloodline and individual) the summer coat is straighter, often with thinner and shorter hair in the mane and tail. Consequently, a given horse may look completely different at a different time of year. Before buying a curly horse, if appearance is important, ask to see the horse (or photos thereof) in winter and summer. Also check horses of the same bloodline but different ages to determine the expected changes as the horse gets older.

If buying a curly because of the hypoallergenic qualities of these horses, remember that this varies from person to person and from horse to horse. Most people benefit with most curlies, but this is not universal. Consequently, before committing to a purchase, one should test the specific person with the specific horse. Take medical advice on how to test, especially if you have had strong allergic reactions before.

Other names for the curly horse include: North American Curly Horses, American Bashkir Curlies, and Bashkir Curlies. There are also a number of named bloodlines, each with their individual characteristics.

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